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User Journal

kesuki's Journal: Is it the cold or the flu? 4

Journal by kesuki

I've been very very sick since monday morning*, when I promplty woke up realized I was sick, and fell asleep for the rest of the day. My dad thinks it's the flu, and technically it doesn't matter, the treatment is the same, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest. I googled some info on it, and the symptoms alone aren't enough to rule out one cause of the other, although I was achey monday morning..
ug I'm going to lie down again, lata..
*= technically sunday night I was feeling very cold, but I wasn't sure I was sick, and most certainly not sure I was as sick as I am.

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Is it the cold or the flu?

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  • Hope that what ever it is your feeling better soon..
    • *hugs* thanks but unlikely I'm apparently moving out by sunday... which means a lot of loading of heavy furnature when i'm still recovering from my illness in the evil cold weather :
  • I had both cold symptoms and flu symptoms and it's still in my lungs. I have no idea what it was, but it was nasty, annoying, tiring, etc.

    boyfriend of tuxette had an even nastier version of it than I did (I caught it from him and apparently managed to build some immunity while he was sick hah)

    • well it's definitely the flu, as it's progressed to worse symptoms, eating solid foods makes me nausious... lot's of dry coughing*, although lately some mucas (probabbly from my nasal passages) has been getting coughed loose....

      *=and by lots I mean, even with cough drop lozenge in throat still coughing...

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