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Comment: Re:If I can make it here I can make it anywhere... (Score 1) 542

by shutdown -p now (#49194729) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?

I know so, so, so many Chinese people (both PRC and Taiwan, Malaysia, etc.) killing themselves to get their kids in the US because it has the best school and the top jobs.

The reason why they do it is because US citizenship is much more beneficial than their original one.

For someone who is already a citizen of a developed, stable Western European country, it's not anywhere near as one-sided as that.

Comment: Re:There might be hope for a decent adaptation (Score 1) 322

by shutdown -p now (#49192473) Attached to: 'The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress' Coming To the Big Screen

Incest is any kind of sexual activity with a close relative. What you describe is only a problem if such activity results in offspring. We've had contraception for a long time now, not to mention that not all sex is even potentially procreative in the first place.

Comment: Re:Interpreting these conditions (Score 1) 162

by Kjella (#49192237) Attached to: Software Freedom Conservancy Funds GPL Suit Against VMWare

You obviously do no understand the GPL. What you say here has specifically been addressed by the Affero GPL

That's not what I'm talking about, because it lacks the "distribution" part. What I'm talking about is what level of detachment is necessary to say that these bits of software depend on each other, but they're not derivative of each other. And thus the GPL wouldn't apply, even if you distribute them together.

Comment: Re:Apple (Score 1) 48

My Hackintosh would disagree. NUCs make great iMacs... just velcro them to the back of a display of your choice. Combined with a nice VISA mount, provides a very clean setup with acceptable performance, for 1/4 the cost of 'real' Apple hardware.

Haven't you heard that NFC is now the hip, cool thing? That is so last year.

Comment: Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 321

I don't know about Canadians and Americans in general, but it's certainly true about border agents. I'm not saying that everybody in CBP is an asshole, but based on mine (several times per year for three years) history of travel back and forth between two countries, the chances of running into an asshole were way higher when travelling south.

Comment: Re:The poison pin ... (Score 1) 321

Somewhere else, maybe... at the border crossing they have near infinite power to mess with you by insisting on an extended identity, security and luggage check and usually to detain you for a short while too for almost no pretext at all. In fact your "defective phone" is now a possible terrorist bomb, let's just put you in a holding cell until we can determine it's not.

Comment: Re:Interpreting these conditions (Score 1) 162

by Kjella (#49190929) Attached to: Software Freedom Conservancy Funds GPL Suit Against VMWare

The controversial part, as I understand it, is the difference in interpretation of a license's conditions. For example, the difference between an "aggregation" and a "combined work" in the GPLv2 confused at least one Slashdot user.

Actually the ugliest part of the GPL which is clear as ink in law is what - if anything - makes inter-module communication derivative. The theory of derivative works mainly involve sections or elements reappearing in the derivative, like a composite made from a photo. It doesn't cover interfaces where independently developed code calls each other at all. If I wrap a GPL library into a web service, is calling it derivative? If the answer is yes, the GPL is extremely viral. If the answer is no, the GPL is in big trouble. Which is why you never get a straight answer.

This directly links in with the "mere aggregation" clause, if you can for example distribute a distro that has an application that sends mail and a mail server without those being derivative, can you also distribute proprietary software and this web service? Your software needs it, this software happens to provide it but it could in theory be provided by a different implementation. I'm sure Stallman says no, but it's entirely unclear to me if a judge would agree.

Comment: Re:What they really proved... (Score 1) 131

There in no basis for assuming that these conditions would ever occur.

You mean, except for the fact that we observe each of them occurring separately, and are not aware of any reason why having one occur would exclude the other? From those premises alone it follows that it is a statistic certainty that they will all occur at the same time eventually.

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