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Comment Re:i think it shows trends in GitHub's demographic (Score 1) 132

And isn't the business community part of "programming trends"? And hence should be included?

java usage has increased at GitHub, but this more likely reflects greater adoption of GitHub by the business community.

I can't understand the resistance to give Java credit here. It's one of the most successful modern programming languages and entirely open-sourced.

Comment Ubuntu does not support hibernate (Score 2, Interesting) 378

Considering the push for the "Year of the Linux Desktop" it's strange Ubuntu does not support hibernate and hasn't for years now. Hibernate is important, because unlike suspend it does not require power.

It's annoying to have the computer shutdown when it runs out of power instead of simply hibernating.

Comment MVNOs did it (Score 1) 155

T-mobile was the first to respond most likely because they are the smallest. Typically, smaller competitors react to market changes faster than the more entrenched. But the change to post-paid has been coming for years, as all providers were losing lots of customers to MVNOs. It has been obvious ( looking at the market in the rest of the world ) that this is where the industry was going.

Comment 9% of CS grads not good enough for you? (Score 1) 256

But last year, 4.5% of all new recipients of bachelor's degrees in computer science or computer engineering from prestigious research universities were African American, and 6.5% were Hispanic, according to data from the Computing Research Association

Tech jobs: Minorities have degrees, but don't get hired

Comment Blacks and Hispanics make up over 9% CS Grads (Score 1) 256

On average, just 2% of technology workers at seven Silicon Valley companies that have released staffing numbers are black; 3% are Hispanic.

But last year, 4.5% of all new recipients of bachelor's degrees in computer science or computer engineering from prestigious research universities were African American, and 6.5% were Hispanic, according to data from the Computing Research Association

Tech jobs: Minorities have degrees, but don't get hired/a.

Comment Include the "Immigrant" dimension (Score 1) 256

Asians make up less than 6% of the population according to Google, whereas blacks are 13%. Yet the former are over 40% of the company at Facebook.

Include the immigrant dimension in those statistics and it makes a lot more sense. The Asian group includes Indian natives and other immigrant populations that have cultural norms very different then native populations.

Immigrants, regardless of race, have different rates of starting businesses, pursuing higher education and career in general.

For an accurate comparison you may have weed out 1st and 2nd generation immigrants to get a clearer racial comparison.

Comment Hiring diverse top performers (Score 1) 256

Or more aptly, those who apply and are the best fit for the job - there is no point in berating a company for woeful diversity hiring figures

Hiring a diverse team is not at odds with hiring the best fit for the job. Your quote assumes that the reason for the lack of black candidates is irrelevant, or at least should not be investigated by by hiring organizations.

No one is suggesting hiring workers who can't do the job. That would be silly. Rather, it's important for us to quantify the lack hires, and investigate the problem in general. This is science after all right?

Oh, should we resign to "it doesn't matter since tech is a perfect meritocracy?"

Comment Television Stereotypes (Score 1) 256

Well, it's not like black youth are inundated with the glorification of "thug life" and "gangsta" culture, or that blacks that *do* do well are often labeled by their peers as "actin' like dey white"...

I'm black and I don't know a single person that talks like that. Not among my family, friends, or acquaintances. I do encounter this stereotype quite frequently on television, music and on the internet though.

I'm not saying there aren't people who think like that. But that it's not as common way of think as rap videos and off-hand comments would lead you to believe.

E.g. How many of these people you overheard were actually being serious? And not making fun of the stereotype?

Comment Citation please (Score 3, Insightful) 187

Isn't this place about science and scientific methodology? Do you or ( anyone who modded you up ) have statistics to back that up? Can you show that the correlation isn't to poverty, and not race? Or do we continue to discredit an entire race of people simply based on our own stereotypes and cognitive biases?

Comment CIM is really a widely adopted open standard (Score 2) 265

It is a lot easier to embrace an "open standard" when you developed it yourself, then donated it to a consortium.

WBEM is a decades old open standard implemented by just about every major software and hardware manufacturer out there. It's shipped with just about every OS. The computer you are using right now probably has CIM implementation built in or at least available in the core OS.

The standard is managed by the Distributed Management Task Force which includes most top software firms. Here is the Java JSR-48: WBEM Services Specification and Implementation for example.

What Microsoft is giving the open-source community is a CIMON ( CIM Object Manager ) implementation. This is fully standards based and Microsoft is just donating the code. But as mentioned earlier Ubuntu and most OSes already ship with a lightweight CIMON.

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