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Comment Ever heard of Java HFT? (Score 1) 232

Java has been doing realtime for over a decade now. In fact the very first JSR was JSR 1: Real-time Specification for Java which began in 1998.

Saying Java is not suitable for realtime due to "unpredictable GC" shows you haven't read much on the topic. Many Java open-source projects guarantee millions of operations per second on the right hardware. Java has a huge HFT community footprint.

Take a look at what and OpenHFT is doing for instance.

Comment Not a Java, or even a library vulnerability (Score 3, Informative) 115

We were corrected by Mr. Frohoff that said the vulnerability is in how developers treat user-supplied serialized data, and not the library itself.

This is an issue with how some users use a 3rd party library Apache Commons Collections. Java doesn't have to be fixed. And Apache Commons-Collection doesn't have to be fixed, except maybe stating the obvious...

Do not deserialize objects with executable code from the internet.

Comment Brain-dead security hole (Score 4, Insightful) 80

Starting with Wordpress 3.5 XML-RPC was turned on by default, and the ability to turn off XML-RPC was removed. They didn't even leave the ability to filter the remote calls by IP address. E.g. allow localhost by default, have a button that 'allows current IP' or something like that.

I think this was one of the most brain-dead security decisions in a major piece of software in recent memory. And this decision simply has to be reversed to fix this.

Comment Re:i think it shows trends in GitHub's demographic (Score 1) 132

And isn't the business community part of "programming trends"? And hence should be included?

java usage has increased at GitHub, but this more likely reflects greater adoption of GitHub by the business community.

I can't understand the resistance to give Java credit here. It's one of the most successful modern programming languages and entirely open-sourced.

Comment Ubuntu does not support hibernate (Score 2, Interesting) 378

Considering the push for the "Year of the Linux Desktop" it's strange Ubuntu does not support hibernate and hasn't for years now. Hibernate is important, because unlike suspend it does not require power.

It's annoying to have the computer shutdown when it runs out of power instead of simply hibernating.

Comment MVNOs did it (Score 1) 155

T-mobile was the first to respond most likely because they are the smallest. Typically, smaller competitors react to market changes faster than the more entrenched. But the change to post-paid has been coming for years, as all providers were losing lots of customers to MVNOs. It has been obvious ( looking at the market in the rest of the world ) that this is where the industry was going.

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