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+ - A petition to demand UK Govt. review IT processes->

Submitted by RobBowley
RobBowley (1737530) writes "A petition has been launched on the Number 10 E-Petitions website to demand the government reviews it's outdated approach to IT Project procurement and development. This has been initated in response to the countless reports of billions pounds of taxpayers money being wasted on failed IT initiatives such as the National Programme for IT (NHS). There are many other cases and a recent article in the Independent calculated that £26 billion had been thrown away in such a manner*. Many in the software development community believe is largely due to the out-dated IT processes they advocate and use.

The petition has only been going a few days but has already been signed by many of the most influential software developers, managers, coaches and authors in the UK. It also includes employees of the BBC, many of the investment banks (where most of the best software developers work) and some of the up and coming tech organisations such as SongKick and

Many reasons have been given for these blunders, but what most people outside of the software development community fail to understand is it is the way in which these projects are managed from the outset which dictates their failure — that of commiting to huge and unrealistic goals in a manner which fails to appreciate the organic nature and constantly changing understanding of requirements that simply does not fit within rigid "Waterfall" style IT processes**.

The software community is increasingly and rapidly moving away from this failed model for software development to more incremental "Agile" or "Lean" approaches. These have been widely adopted at most of the leading technology organisations such as the BBC,, Google and numerous others and are proving a far more effective way to deliver IT projects and software. It is unacceptable that the UK government continues to advocate and use these failed practices and many believe this is the overriding reason so much money is being wasted.

The petition can be found on the Number 10 E-Petitions website here:

My name is Rob Bowley. I am an experienced software developer working at I've been involved in the software development community at large for many years, talking regularly at conferences and often attend many smaller community events..




** The National Audit Office advocates the use of the "Waterfall" method in the "Review of System Development" document which can be found here:"

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