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Comment: Re:Itchy (Score 1) 378

by kereira (#36913936) Attached to: Girls Go Geek Again

Yup, that's what I always think. I also heard once that Google were especially interested in hiring female CS graduates. Why does gender matter here? Just because it's a rare breed doesn't mean that it's always superior, or that you need to go out there and grab all you can get. Pick people based on their own personal merits.

Comment: Itchy (Score 2) 378

by kereira (#36913062) Attached to: Girls Go Geek Again

Although it's great that more women are getting back into CS, these kinds of articles make me itch. Geek girls shouldn't be hired or coerced into taking CS because of or in spite of their gender. They should be hired because they're good at what they do, and they should be encouraged to study if they have a sincere enthusiasm for the subject. If it turns out that the best students, or the best employees are male... so be it. /female CS grad and web developer

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