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+ - ToS a new genre of DRM?->

Submitted by kenshin33
kenshin33 (1694322) writes "And they wonder why people pirate. The story, In a nutshell : some people are being banned from EA forms for violating ToS => ban from Origin (EA store) which leads to not being able to play games that those people have paid for. This guy in particular has lost his access to even EA games bought on STEAM for something he didn't even do (banned because someone caused at him in a post and included his username in that post ) : ."

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+ - Euro Comm to cough €12m for copyright infring->

Submitted by kenshin33
kenshin33 (1694322) writes "

The European Commission must pay software firm Systran €12 million in damages for infringing its copyright when it asked other companies to work on Systran's software, the EU's General Court has ruled. Systran created a specially adapted version of its Systran-Unix machine translation software for the Commission, calling it EC-Systran Unix, between 1997 and 2002.

That begs the question : if Gouv agency (or any other entity) contracts some software firm to do some work, does this ruling implies that any maintenance should be done the same firm and no one else ??? talk about a nice side effect ..."
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+ - Either with us or with wikileaks -> 3

Submitted by kenshin33
kenshin33 (1694322) writes "Some people are still living in the 50ies. Where TV screen ar in black and white, no colors. Believe it or not that's the actual washington post article title. :
Some say attacking WikiLeaks would be fruitless. Really? In the past year, the Iranian nuclear system has been crippled by a computer worm called "Stuxnet," which has attacked Iran's industrial systems and the personal computers of Iranian nuclear scientists. To this day, no one has traced the origin of the worm. Imagine the impact on WikiLeaks's ability to distribute additional classified information if its systems were suddenly and mysteriously infected by a worm that would fry the computer of anyone who downloaded the documents. WikiLeaks would probably have very few future visitors to its Web site."

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+ - Unused Windows Licences ->

Submitted by kenshin33
kenshin33 (1694322) writes "When ever, one wants to buy a new laptop, it comes with an attached windows license. What would happen if one doesn't want that? what one can do about it.
I'm sure that will be different from country to country.
I'd really like input from every where in the world, success/failure stories (especially in canada/US)."

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