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Open Source

Submission + - FLOSS Manuals: Free Manuals for Free Software (

spuguli writes: FLOSS Manuals is a wiki for open source software manuals. These manuals include topics such as the GNU/Linux Command Line and Bypassing Internet Censorship. FLOSS Manuals has created the Booki platform for collaborative writing of the manuals. Another interesting idea is the use of intensive collaborative writing booksprints to write manuals quickly.

Submission + - IBM Snags a Pair of Outsourcing Deals (

gubm writes: "IBM services arm appears to be benefiting from the economic downturn of late. The company has recently announced outsourcing deals with companies looking to reduce costs and operate more efficiently at a time when corporate IT budgets are under close scrutiny.
Under the seven-year agreement, which extends a previous relationship between IBM and Nasco, Big Blue will support Nasco's claims-processing infrastructure and related software applications. The plan also calls for IBM to migrate Nasco's application environment to a more efficient service-oriented architecture."

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