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Comment Re:The solution.. (Score 1) 484

I also use a NAS, but that's not a solution for people who want portability and use the drive in different computers. Recently I got a small 500gb freecom and it came with fat32, but 4GB file size limit is ridiculous. Ext3/4, XFS.... would be nice, but Windows and Mac do not support it out of the box. NTFS, although not perfect, allows me to use it in friend's computers that do not have a special driver, and also it works fine in my linux laptop.

Comment Live CD (Score 1) 900

I like the fact that I can have GIMP on a live CD, very convenient. Sometimes I don't have internet access, so downloading from the package manager is not feasible. I always thought of Ubuntu as 'bloated' compared to other distros, and that never stopped me from using it in some situations. It's just a different market. I don't think GIMP is any harder than MS paint, and the help is much better anyway. If people are lazy to read documentation, then what can you do? There are no universal symbols for everything in computing, at some point if they want to learn something they will have to read (in their own language if possible). But anyway, there will always be some distro with more utilities anyway that I can use as a live CD.

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