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Comment Re: Like any other customer? (Score 1) 488

The Tenth Amendment?

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

So your argument is that it's the STATES, not the federal government that should be collecting phone call metadata?

I think you meant the Fourth Amendment...

Comment Re: Big Surprise (Score 1) 488

Hillary can beat any one of the Republicans When the Republican vote is spread across a dozen candidates a year before early election starts in 2016... Big whop.

A year before the 2008 elections she was the odds-on winner, head and shoulders ahead of all Democrats... Then she wasn't.

And now, after TWICE launching her second presidential campaign (traveling to Iowa in a Sprinter? Wow.), her leadership position is tenuous, based on the whim of Joe Biden and his decision to run or not. Without even entering the race Biden is only 20 points behind Hillary - imagine what his poll numbers will be once he actually decides to run and campaign!

Republicans like Hillary, because she's so easily defeated, as Joe Biden will demonstrate in a few weeks.

Comment OMG! (Score 3, Insightful) 488

A tier-1 vendor supplied servers to the NSA! OMG! We need to boycott that vendor!

Wait, what? Other Tier-1 vendors ALSO wanted to win the NSA procurement contract? We must boycott them also!

And you know what? I hear they have Coca-Cola machines at the NSA! I bet their employees drank countless caffeinated sodas from Coca-Cola as they were violating the civil rights of countless millions of Americsns - we need to boycott Coca-Cola as well!

You know what? I bet all the government cars in the NSA fleet come from GM - we need to boycott all GM cars for their support of warrantless wiretaps!

Wow, it's amazing how many corporations secretly support the NSA's warrantless wiretapping! /sarcasm

Comment Speaking of introverts (Score 1) 307

Remember Ahmed, the clockmaker in Texas?

Well, it seems that sweet little Ahmed was 'radicalized' by a teacher (into a rebelous prankster, not a terrorist - I repeat, not a terrorist), and has a rich history of problems at school, including him having a history of making 'inventions' to disrupt classes (like his invention to turn off the projector in class)...

Comment Amazing 'too busy' argument (Score 4, Informative) 348

Hillary has claimed that when she assumed the Secretary of State position she didn't spend a lot of time thinking about what email she would use, with the clear implication being she was too busy to think about such things... Meaning she wants us to believe she was 'so busy' that she arranged for a private email server, hiredxsomeonevto managevit, and paid a monthly stipend/salary for services rendered because it was easier than using a state department email account .

Reminds me of the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, wherein it was claimed the reason the IRS workers were asking so many probing, illegal questions of certain tax-exempt organizations was because the office was simply over-whelmed with applications. As seen in the email server scandal, the claim is that their natural reaction when overwhelmed with work is to take on additional, in some cases illegal, additional work...

And there is an alarming segment of the population that will parrot those illogical claims as a defense of possible illegal, at best improper actions.

Comment Re: They Never thought he had a bomb... (Score 1) 361

They claimed it was a "bomb hoax" four hoursafter they arrested the kid and had examined the clock to discern it's arcane meaning.

They claimed it was a bomb hoax to try to cover their stupid cracker asses.

Of course - makes perfect sense:

The teacher in the classroom thought it was a bomb, that's why she picked it up and carried it to the office

The Principal thought it was a bomb, that's why he didn't evacuate the school building

The police thought it was a bomb, that's why they didn't send the bomb squad or call in EMTs/Fire engines

Or, and this is only aguess mind you, you are wrong.

Comment Re: Poptarts have gotten the same response (Score 1) 193

objectively, to think that line of reasoning makes any kind of sense means you're genuinely a stupid person

It's called a publicity stunt, and it wouldn't be the first one to blow-up in someone's face.

It may not have been the motivation here, but it is certainly within the realm of possibilities, given the well-documented history of the boy's family.

Did you notice how fast they set up an online account to collect money for his college education? It proves nothing, but it gives some people to question his motive.

Submission This is What a Real Bomb Looks Like-> 2

szczys writes: You see them all the time in movies and TV shows, but is that what an actual bomb looks like? Probably not... here's what a real bomb looks like.

This story stems from a millionaire gone bust from gambling addiction who decided to extort riches back from the casino. He built a bomb and got it into the building, then ransomed the organization for $3 million. The FBI documented the mechanisms in great detail — including the 8 independent trigger systems that made it impossible for them to disarm the thing. The design was so nefarious it's still used today as a training tool.

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