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Comment: Cheap press (Score 2) 137

by kenh (#47641475) Attached to: Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces

This $190K expense will buy google an awful lot of free press.

It's nice that Google did this, but let's be clear - the Chicago Public School system has a staggering number of problems, and a marimba and a classroom full of MS Surface laptop/tablets won't really make a difference outside of the handful of children that will be able to actually touch/use these items.

Comment: Re: Great! (Score 1) 80

by kenh (#47638399) Attached to: FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

Home phone lines are required to allow 911 calls even when service is disconnected. On the off-chance something happens AND there is a functioning phone connected to the line, it has to allow the call.

Imagine the lawsuits - "my child was on the floor turning blue, not breathing and I couldn't get a dial tone! The phone company killed my child!"

Comment: Changing nature of 911 (Score 2) 80

by kenh (#47637671) Attached to: FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

911 calls are by nature a conversation, a two-way exchange of details from the caller and suggestions from the operator as the situation unfolds. That will (likely) be lost in a text exchange - what parent will keep texting 'she's not breathing, she's turning blue' to 911 when they are standing by their choking child?

Comment: Re: text is easier to give addresses (Score 2) 80

by kenh (#47637659) Attached to: FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

As opposed to the clear, concise descriptions the 911 operators currently get from people in car accidents, house fires, home invasions, etc.

I'm not worried about operators deciphering the 'txt speak' so much as I am worried that when a person finds themselves in an emergency situation, like, say, a choking child, precious time will be lost as the parent decides how to contact 911, then struggle to enter the proper address in a text message because they think that might cause a quicker response from the first-responders...

Comment: I wasn't aware... (Score 1) 80

by kenh (#47637631) Attached to: FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

...that SMS text messages include location information (long/lat).

I could see instances where it would be useful for a security/alarm system to send a text to 911, but the originating number would be set to a fixed location, but for a mobile phone to be required to send the 'exact' location is a technical 'bridge too far' in my opinion...

Does the FCC really think that in an emergency it is easier/quicker/better to send an SMS 'text' message from a mobile phone, rather than use the phone for it's original purpose and dimply CALL 911 and TALK to the agent?

It IS a phone you're sending that text from!

Comment: Re: What? (Score 1) 753

by kenh (#47456207) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Even more odd is that you think that the fiscal insanity was caused by fiat currency, when in fact, most was caused by lack of regulation, mortgage originators who had no fiscal stake in the process, leading to mortgages to people who never should have them, and the insanity ne plus ultra - the 50 year morgage. a favorite of 80 year olds.

And it was all federally backed to help make sure everyone had their chance at "the American Dream"!

My personal favorite was the 110% mortgage - loaning money to people that not only didn't have a down payment, they also lacked the money to cover closing costs...

Comment: Re: What? (Score 1) 753

by kenh (#47456189) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

It really doesn't help that much of the "you should buy gold!" press in the last five years has come from people who have a vested interest in the price of gold rising (like Glenn Beck) so they can sell it off at a profit and recent buyers will be hit with a loss.

You do understand that gold dealers advertise on shows like Glenn Beck's, and I've heard commercials for the same gold merchants on left-leaning shows like Randi Rhodes...

His 'vested interest' ends when the check for the paid advertisement clears.

Pretty much the opposite situation from the one Beck et all describe would actually happen if we went back to the gold standard.

Beck "et all" (sic) don't try and predict the future, they argue that gold is a good hedge against inflation - at the turn of the last century (1900) you could buy a nice tailored suit and a steak dinner with a $10 gold coin, some 100 years later you can still buy a tailored suit and steak dinner with that very same $10 gold coin...

Comment: Re: Reputational Damage (Score 3, Informative) 346

by kenh (#47381109) Attached to: Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails

Or, he just mistakenly typed '' instead of ''

Before autocorrect, people used to make this kind of mistake all the time, it was so common we had a name for it - we called it a 'typo', and we were forced to take ownership of the mistake.

Now we either call it txt-speak or we blame it on auto-correct.

Comment: Re:Yes, maybe... (Score 1) 228

by kenh (#47364539) Attached to: The New 501(c)(3) and the Future of Open Source In the US

Why can't something be both charitable and self-serving at the same time

So, let's say a company (IBM) "donates" code that allows an Open Source software package support some unique (patented) feature on their hardware.

Is that charity, or a marketing expense to help the company sell more hardware?

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