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Comment Re:Deliberate mismanagement (Score 3, Funny) 96 96

Don't be an ass. Its not in any employees interest including the CEO to run it into the ground when a lot of them are on performance related pay. And its certainly not in the governments interest.

I suggest you put your tin foil hat away. This is just plain old fashioned incompetance.

Incompetence - a bad day when you spell that word wrong.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 348 348

He knew that presenting it in a certain way would enable him to sell the idea.

That doesn't make it a crime any more than selling lottery tickets is a crime. Except the chance of losing your money is higher when you play the lottery.

Selling "numbers" is a crime. It's only state sanctioned numbers game called "lottery" is legal.

Comment Re:I'm sure /. will ridicule it, but... (Score 1) 306 306

BTW, you call chemistry "basic"? Why is chemistry of any practical use to anyone but anyone but a chemist? I can't recall a single instance in my life when I had to apply any sort of chemistry-based knowledge. ...

This whole thread is about "you need to know about computers because they are all around you" - but you can't see the obvious fact that chemistry is the study of matter, and everything is make of it including your computer? That's messed up.

Comment Re:String Theory\0 (Score 0) 148 148

they were certainly created, but they occur amongst BILLIONS of other events. Part of the magic of the LHC is to ignore all of this and focus only on the interesting EXTREMELY RARE interactions.

I wish the interactions of your fingers and the shift/caps lock keys were extremely rare.

+5 funny - people say A/C posts should be ignored. The fools.

Comment Re:It's simple really... (Score 2) 244 244

K, I'm a big watch geek (I own several dozen watches; from timex marathon to gold Rolex datejust II) and I feel qualified to speak to this - "why offer the edition watches starting at $10k?".

This is apple signaling that they are serious players in the watch space, not just the smart-watch space. This matters because you want a serious presence at Baselworld, articles in "Watchtime" magazine, etc. That is the pathway to get your watches into boardrooms, 19th hole private clubs, and other elite status locals. And they display well, so even if no elite watch buyers opt in, they are still useful marketing tools.We'll see how it plays out, but I think this was actually a smart move by Apple.

Comment Re:New bands? (Score 2) 361 361

I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, saw "the wall" in concert in LA (1980 i think it was); but no way that was their peak. "Dark Side of the Moon" was their Zenith; even egomaniac Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull said it was more influential than Zeppelin II .

Back on topic, I think most adults gravitate to the music they listened to when they were younger; for obvious reasons. No need for the snarky "calcify" comment from the submitter.

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