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Comment Re:Saw it last night in 3D (Score 1) 232

Fully agree. Is Mars such a hospitable place so that you have to think of a fake reason in order to get somebody in a story stranded on it?

I read the interview with the author; previous poster mentioned it. Basically Weir said that this book was essentially man vs. nature, and he wanted "nature" to strand the main character to get the story going. Pretty understandable to me that when creating a story, you need to take some creative license.

Comment Re:Not the server (Score 1) 348

This is the part I don't get - anyone else at any other company (of size - not a mom&pop shop) would be written up or possibly fired for monkey business with company computer +/- email. How is is that the US government didn't have any policies in place about email when hillary took office a few years ago?

Not that I give a sh*t, because I don't. I know that this is a stupid attempt to weaken GOP foe; but still, WTF?

Comment so if you made a full size one ... (Score 2) 18

It would mirror the light hitting it, from all sides, and that would not just look very weird?

Sorry, but premise makes no sense. Invisibility requires that you process the image as seen from the viewer, then somehow project that image to the viewer on the surface of the cloak. Way, way, way different than what this might scale up to (if ever).

Comment Re:How DARE they! (Score 0) 70

What's disgusting to me is the number of people who lead a devil-may-care lifestyle and then cry and moan about health problems to only turn around and cry and moan about what modern technology is available to them. You want to battle "big pharma"? Put down the two liter soda, the doughnut and the grease burgers. Put down the xbox controller. Put down the smokes, the rum and cokes. Stop staring into the TV for 5 hours a day and take an hour out to move around a bit. Society had fed itself into the cycle of chronic illness but man, don't we have to pry those bad habits out of their hands? Now queue the 3% of those who are on a maintenance pharmaceutical regiment that legitimately are trying to keep up with their own well being but are still in a bad place.

There was a time when human beings watched no TV, only ate natural foods, had to rely on physically being in shape to scratch an existence out of the dirt.

Oh, by the way, life expectancy in that time was about 35 years of age ...

Comment Re:What about lefties? (Score 1) 44

At roughly 10% of the population left handed people are a minority. Watch designs have historically been designed for right handed people. When watches were mechanical devices that made sense. It didn't make economical sense to manufacturer two different designs of watches and it would have been to complex, and therefore expensive, to provide a stem and/or buttons on both sides of the watch. But with purely digital watches most of those barriers go away. What is the cost per watch to provide an additional button? Or even more simply, what about a configuration option that changes the orientation of the display. In the case of the Moto 360 that would mean that the button would be at the 7 o'clock position if worn upside down by a leftie. The button would be easily pushed by the thumb instead of the forefinger, but at least your hand would be out of the way.

People, just think of the lefties.

Apple watch can be set-up for lefties; one of the reasons I bought one.

Comment Re:Couldn't it make things worse? (Score 1) 234

1. The balls are hydrophobic, so they don't really "coat" themselves with water.
2. The real key is that the interstitial spaces are reflux zones, that let the evaporating water condense and run back into the pool.
3. Not sure where you were going with the "getting more water..." comment

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