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Comment Re:Obvious anwer (Score 2) 311

online advertising business models cannot support the salaries and infrastructure of a proper formal news organization, therefore the quality drops to a level that is supportable by the business.

For a while I thought that it was not about the story, it was about the group discussion/posts. That used to be the slashdot success for me. But that model has degraded also. Sad to say.

Comment Re:... I wasn't going to see it this weekend BUT (Score 1) 267

I agree with this review. I saw the original in theaters in '77 (I think that was the right year) and even then, people complained that it was not true science fiction (e.g., there is no sound in space, no gravity on ships, etc.). Also people belittled the idea of the force, the simplistic plot, stilted dialogue. However, the special effects were fantastic, and the story was fun and had the good. vs. evil plot line that is easy to root for.

While I would have liked a more involved, "take it forward" plot line, I see that Disney is trying to connect a new generation to the story line, and that makes sense to me.

Comment problem is no permanent address (Score 1) 393

Not that this guy doesn't know that already; he needs to get his startup funded so let's just skip over that.

If you just need to pin-point a spot on the earth, GPS is your goto method. But as others point out, identifying a spot on earth != usable address for commercial/social/infrastructure purposes.

Comment dumb all the way around (Score 1) 246

1) Dumb for the admins - c'mon you can't figure out how to implement policy on a date and not have it wreck old posts?
2) Dumb for the paper's management - once your online presence dries up, people will bail on your paper
3) Dumb for the readership - Why stick with a paper that has such stupid policies?

Comment Relevance? (Score 0) 462

Mobile changed a lot about how UI should work. Not saying apple (or any mobile device) is always right, but a lot of UI principles from the 90's just don't apply today.

I do admit that apple went too far with new itunes player, however. Simplicity of playing all songs from an artist, or play the last 100 songs I bought at random is too hard. Also, the Siri interface, while seemingly the way out of confusing mobile UI, is too weird. I can't stand on a train and talk to my phone without feeling like an idiot.

Comment Just go by time, forget distance (Score 1) 131

When you run the same route each day - which I'm betting most work-a-day runners do, then you only need your time. You know your pace and cadence, forget the tech (and I have an Apple watch, plus an older Nike fuel...).

If you are running while on a work trip, maybe it helps but again, but you probably are just trying to get your workout before your meeting; fussing with workout tech just adds stress and that's what you are trying to combat with the run!

If you are running on vacation, what the hell is wrong with you (j/k)

Heart rate is a different story, but I'll save that comment for a different post.

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