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Comment Relevance? (Score 0) 460

Mobile changed a lot about how UI should work. Not saying apple (or any mobile device) is always right, but a lot of UI principles from the 90's just don't apply today.

I do admit that apple went too far with new itunes player, however. Simplicity of playing all songs from an artist, or play the last 100 songs I bought at random is too hard. Also, the Siri interface, while seemingly the way out of confusing mobile UI, is too weird. I can't stand on a train and talk to my phone without feeling like an idiot.

Comment Just go by time, forget distance (Score 1) 131

When you run the same route each day - which I'm betting most work-a-day runners do, then you only need your time. You know your pace and cadence, forget the tech (and I have an Apple watch, plus an older Nike fuel...).

If you are running while on a work trip, maybe it helps but again, but you probably are just trying to get your workout before your meeting; fussing with workout tech just adds stress and that's what you are trying to combat with the run!

If you are running on vacation, what the hell is wrong with you (j/k)

Heart rate is a different story, but I'll save that comment for a different post.

Comment Re:Danger, Will Robinson! (Score 1) 315

I'd like to caution the reader to take TFA with a grain of salt, lest they decide to use it as an excuse to feel better about getting less than the recommended 7.5-8 hours of sleep. Specifically, I'd like to note the following:

1. ... A primitive forager doesn't usually live to an age where such things are an issue. ...

Exactly, can we just quit with all the Paleo BS now?

Comment Re:There's still the pollution thing (Score 4, Insightful) 216

This is a big factor: the cheapness and distance shipped have us moving to a disposable model vs. repair. I just went through this with a washing machine and a lawn mower. The washing machine was LG; very hard to find a schematic with labeled parts. I had to guess and was wrong twice. I didn't bother to ship back the wrong parts as they were about 10 bucks, shipping was also about 10 bucks. So I threw the bad ones away.

Same issue with the lawnmower. Was a Yard Machines mower with Briggs & Stratton engine. tried the 800 number (was still under warrantee) which was a total joke. Web site was confusing and useless. Did not recognize my engine serial number to send me into someplace that I could get engine info/troubleshooting/parts list.

Ended up taking it to a local place where the Mexicanos who ran it figured out the problem and fixed the mower (In your face Donald Trump!)

So, while in theory the cost of these appliances and the world efficiency is improved with the model of cheap parts&labor from China. The reality is a lot of wasted time, shipping wrong replacement parts, and giving up and tossing out the old piece-o-crap to a landfill and buying something new.

I am not buying into the purported efficiencies posted here.

Comment Re:Saw it last night in 3D (Score 1) 242

Fully agree. Is Mars such a hospitable place so that you have to think of a fake reason in order to get somebody in a story stranded on it?

I read the interview with the author; previous poster mentioned it. Basically Weir said that this book was essentially man vs. nature, and he wanted "nature" to strand the main character to get the story going. Pretty understandable to me that when creating a story, you need to take some creative license.

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