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Comment: Re:Another RAID? (Score 1) 983

by kenaaker (#46465193) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?
Here's a more subtle way of doing a file system in (from personal, bitter experience).

As root of course.

Start in any directory

rm -rf .*

On the system that I discovered this on, the first file it removed was the system kernel. That's when the panic started. I was just trying to get rid of some hidden directories in a home directory.

Comment: Re:No, because they are not compatible (Score 1) 551

by kenaaker (#46166167) Attached to: Should Nuclear and Renewable Energy Supporters Stop Fighting?
That's also true. But, if your variable input energy source can't be used when it's available, running it into an inefficient process to store it doesn't have the same impact as it would if you had to run it through the inefficient process always. Putting it another way, Use it when it's available (for anything), or lose it.

Comment: Re:No, because they are not compatible (Score 3, Interesting) 551

by kenaaker (#46163655) Attached to: Should Nuclear and Renewable Energy Supporters Stop Fighting?
You use the wind power to run the pumps on reservoir storage, or to electrolyze water to run Sabatier reactors which generate hydrocarbon gases like methane. Feed the hydrocarbon gases into the existing natural gas pipelines which feed the gas turbine peaking plants. The natural gas pipeline system can maintain at least several days worth of supply for the whole nation.

There are more ways, those two are my favorite candidates. Just keep T. Boone Pickens away from the natural gas.

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by kenaaker (#44905381) Attached to: Why Are Some Hell-Bent On Teaching Intelligent Design?
I didn't realize that "humanity" included self-righteousness, arrogance, and a large dose of holier than thou.

Lets see if I got this right, you do what is "right" (according to your religion) because your God says that he'll burn you forever if you don't; not because its the right thing to do. And because you do what is "right" you are feel that you have more "humanity" than anyone who doesn't believe in God.

If that is what it takes to keep you acting civilized, I'm all in favor of it.

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by kenaaker (#44647459) Attached to: Makerbot Desktop 3D Scanner Goes On Sale
One of the other interesting facets of the whole area is that it isn't just a matter of having a 3D printer. If you're going to create parts for your own ideas, you have to be able to draw them. If you can't create the drawings/models, all you can do is search around for something the somebody else did and hope that it's close enough. (What's the fun in that?)

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Maybe there is no great conspiracy against your wonderful "facts" and opinions.

There's a joke that is probably a better fit.

If one person calls you an ass, you can laugh it off.

If two people call you an ass, you can walk away.

If a bunch of people call you an ass, you should have yourself fitted for a saddle.

There's an URL around here somewhere for tin-foil hats.

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If you want a "killer app", figure out how to make an online barter market that can do barter chains. If that's the right term; #1 wants this, and has that, #2 has the other thing and wants the other other thing, #3 has that.... Stitch all the wants and haves together and everybody gets what they want with no currency being exchanged at all. Currency is just a common denominator and has no intrinsic value.

"Only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core." -- Hannah Arendt.