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Comment Re:Java != javascript (Score 1) 50

I think Java is being used correctly (in the PDF/paper http://arxiv.org/pdf/1509.0774... ) and the article linked, does not confuse the terms.

You're mistaken. They include the source. It's definitely javascript despite the article referencing it as a "Google Java Applet". Maybe he wrote the article in Yahoo Go on his Microsoft iPad.

Comment Re:Rasberry PI. (Score 1) 508

If they have a TV, then all they need is this: Rasberry PI. $30

OK. Actually, it's a little more than that for the version that has WiFi and enough USB ports. Otherwise you would have to add a powered USB hub, which again adds to the cost.

USB Keyboard $1

Grow up.

USB Mouse $1

Grow up.

SD Card $1

Grow up.

Micro USB Cell phone charger $5


You have a fully functional Linux desktop computer.

Not until someone capable has made a significant investment of time to install and set up the OS, you haven't. Yeah, for you or me it would be no problem to fix one up, but how about for an entire class of schoolkids? And you left out an HDMI cable to attach it to the TV, and we would both be ASSUMING the kid has access to an HDMI TV which he would not have to fight the parents and siblings for to get primetime evening use for homework.

Sure you can spend more and get a better computer, but this one will get it done on the cheap.

I'm tuned in to the sentiment, but the way I realistically check prices, the total cost for all items mentioned would be pretty close to $70 rock bottom, if not more, PLUS labor, which is pretty sad when you think about it. And when you were done you would have this fragile thing dangling from wires which could easily get knocked on the floor and stepped on.

I WANT this to be viable, oh how I want it, but realistically, um ...

Umm.. where did you check, a local "rip you off" pc shop? Sigh...

The old rasberry pi is cheaper and has two usb, that's all you need. That's all I need on each of the rasberry pi's that I use for this purpose. Personally I prefer wired networking on a non portable device. Don't students get ethernet connections in their dorm rooms? Most places they do.

Let me shop for you:
Mouse: $0.37 http://www.amazon.com/JennyShop-Pastel-Turtle-Scroll-1000dpi/dp/B00FOWQ76U
Keyboard: $4.75: http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-SK-8825-104-key-USB-Keyboard/dp/B007V6YIGI I have this keyboard on one of my machines, it's fine. I did underestimate the price by $3.75 I guess.
4GB Sandisk SDHC card: $0.01 http://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Micro-Flash-Memory-adapter/dp/B0018Z7Y28 I use a sandisk microsdhc with one of my pi's. This 4GB model is overkill, but it will do the job. Power adapter: $2.99 http://www.amazon.com/ReadyPlug®-Wall-Charger-Samsung-Galaxy/dp/B00NVYQWOK

If you do want that USB HUb, you'll be glad to know it's a whopping $0.20 http://www.amazon.com/White-4-Outport-480Mbps-Splitter-Adapter/dp/B012LBKR58

Sure, you could get better of everything on the list, but you don't HAVE to. If you want a computer on the cheap, you can do it with a pi, really cheap. $35.33 (with the hub) plus shipping. If you could live with used parts I think you could do even slightly better, perhaps even on the pi.

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".