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Comment: Re:It's crap (Score 1) 1574

by kelemvor4 (#46775657) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

What? Militias aren't some Libertarian fantasy force. Militias are what countries with limited resources used in lieu of a standing military. They're also all but obsolete in a world where military technology has advanced to the point that private citizens can't be expected to field their own effective arms (at least no one I know owns a Javelin "just in case...".

Militias are what people formed in the revolutionary war when the people revolted against their own government.

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by kelemvor4 (#46743673) Attached to: Anyone Can Buy Google Glass April 15

What IS going to be effective? I'd argue that nothing done in relation to google glass, getting upset about it or being cool with it, will revive privacy.

I'd say businesses banning the device on their premises is a good start. Admittedly, I'm not full of ideas - but I'm sure complacency is not the answer.

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The fragmentation is the problem though. One month it's a wierd bug in gcc, next month it's about how to do streaming, next month it's a game, etc.

The real problem I have with forums/boards is the completely awful interface. They don't always keep track really of what I've read or not read, I don't get notified if there's a response to my question, and so forth; and when they do that stuff they often do it in a clumsy way and every site does it differently. Then I have to remember a zillion passwords too.

I haven't had problems with the cookies getting lost on most of the forums I use. I also tend to use the same password, because really it's not like a forum account is all that important. If it does get compromised to the point I can't or won't use the account anymore, I'd just get a new account. Most forums that I frequent use vBulletin or one of the free clones (phpBB for example), so I'm pretty used to the interface. I guess all that stuff is a matter of preference.

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by kelemvor4 (#46716087) Attached to: Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

The solution to unfair discrimination is not more unfair discrimination.

Really/ Because in the example provided it worked, and in fact was not unfair. The results were that men and women were awarded jobes on an equal footing.

Just because an equal number were given jobs does not mean they were given the jobs on an equal footing. These days, women and minorities can get the same job as a white male but with fewer qualifications. Things are deliberately done that way to "equalize" the work force. The end does not justify the means, and it is definitely discrimination. It just seems to be the kind that you like.

Not that I'm all that opposed. The result is there are more women in my office! Good for them, good for me.

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My first thought here was "well.. duh!" Maybe I'm biased not doing a lot of this stuff, but I just can't see any sort of job where social media helps except for jobs that are involved with social media (marketing, customer interactions, etc).

Next up, will they have the study showing that Slashdot usage is detrimental to work performance? (at least I was sure usenet was a net positive because it was often the only place to get to get real answers to tough questions, which really has no replacement today)

Message boards have mostly replaced usenet these days. Unfortunately, they're a bit more fragmented. You have to find a message board pertaining to the topic you're interested.

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Don't worry Ninja cat will distract them.

These lolcat pictures sure do help me focus on work!

And all these extreme political view posts, too!

...i'm pretty sure the president isn't an illegal alien...

they have uncovered evidence that he's actually a space alien from the planet plexnar 12.

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The article claims that they check the antennas before and after each shift, so they would know as soon as one was missing, and give the bill to whoever had the car during that shift.

So, that must mean the bacon in question is falsifying reports, right? Probably a little more serious than sending the guy a bill for the part. Perhaps a criminal offense?

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The "revised" estimates were generated by the NRC in conjunction with the DOE and (wait...wait for it...) the Electric Power Research Institute.

Yep, they're all a bunch of goddamed hippifreak tree-huggin energy extinguishers.

Not only that, they also have bad breath and gingivitis.

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