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Comment Re:Can it self restart? (Score 1) 278

Re: Old WRT54G going flakey. Bad switching PSU wall-wart (try a different one), bad filter caps near the DC input jack (visual inspection). In that order.

Probably the filter caps. That's the best bet. Problem is, I've tried a whole lot of different power supplies, and I've NEVER had a WRT54G be reliable. And I own three of them, and I have owned two more which have been thrown away over the years. They're just a shitty router like most other routers, and I mean all versions, too. They became popular amongst nerds because you could reflash them with other stuff, that's it. Even brand new ones out of the box were never reliable.

I had a wrt54g years ago. It was okay at the time but that's a venerable unit. I upgraded to a D-Link DIR-825 when 802.11n came out and haven't had any more problems since. Sure, there is no dd-wrt or openwrt for this router, but the stability has been worth it.

Comment Re:Not all gyros are mechanical (Score 2) 120

I guess this would not work on optical gyros?

No, to take out drones with optical gyros, folks will be using light wave guns, instead of sound wave guns.

If you give MacGyver two fistfuls of pen pointer lasers, duct tape, chewing gum, and a Wonderbra, he will MacGyver you an array laser cannon that will be able to take out an optical gyroscope drone. And a lot of other things that don't have optical gyroscope drones.

Are you kidding? He could defeat a stealth fighter with all that equipment! Too much.

Comment Re: Prior art (Score 1) 221

ATT had the same idea. In about 1945.

Was gonna say the same thing.... or MCI, this being their entire business model, really.

Kids today! ;) Everything old is new again...

I know what you mean. Next we'll be reading an article about client-server renamed to something with a C... It's a crazy world out there.

Comment Is that a summary mistake or is the title BS (Score 1) 214

Either the summary or the title or both are bullshit. This is Slashdot so none of those would surprise me.
from TFS:

we will continue to offer Windows 10 to customers running devices in a Non-Genuine state.

Sounds to me like they just said they WILL offer free upgrades to pirates right there in the summary.

Comment Re:call the library ? (Score 1) 246

I'm having a hard time coming up with any scenario where the perpetrators would hole up in a public building and NOT want police and media attention.

How about the some dickwad wants to cream his jeans watching the SWAT drama unfold from the building across the street scenario; or even some wanabe perp reconnoitering the police response to fine-tune an intended future attack scenario?

That dickwad then might go do an interview with network world... That guy's story doesn't sound super plausible to me.

Comment Re:Should be simple (Score 1) 92

From TFA:

It turns out that Smart Projects had trademarked the Arduino brand in Italy in December 2008, before Arduino LLC got around to filing in April 2009 in the USA.

So... what's to discuss. I don't think there's a law against being a complete asshole, so smart projects wins.

You don't "trademark" things -- you register a trademark. Registration is not strictly necessary in most jurisdictions -- as long as you are actively using the branding, it is automatically considered your trademark. Order of registration only matters if you're talking about two commercial entities independently coming up with the same brand. Here we have two entities with an existing contractual relationship. Smart Projects therefore was not ignorant of the informal body that later became Arduino LLC. Who initiated the contract and who came up with the name? What did the original contract say about the name? Clearly the initial contracts were poorly drafted, or there would be a clear answer, and we wouldn't be having this conversation!!

Well I learned something today. I guess I should have assumed that lawyers would make the problem as difficult to resolve as possible.

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