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Comment: Re:Scams are specific to models ... (Score 1) 290

by kelarius (#48823161) Attached to: Bitcoin Volatility Puts Miners Under Pressure
You missed my point. On the gold standard yes a dollar would be worth a set amount of gold in a repository somewhere but the buying value of said dollar would still be bound to the intrinsic value of gold in general. The US government doesn't control the whole world's gold supply and if some schmuck decided to buy up 10% of the gold in the rest of the world and dump it into the ocean, the remaining 90% of the gold stocks will instantly rise in value. After this, with gold worth more, the dollar will have more buying power*, creating deflation. Boom, relatively easy currency manipulation and certainly well within the capabilities of certain governments.

*buying power as an assumption that you could buy the same things with external gold.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin (Score 2) 290

by kelarius (#48821843) Attached to: Bitcoin Volatility Puts Miners Under Pressure
Because thats an awesome idea, make it easy for some organization to artificially inflate the value of a currency by running ads on TV and the internet about how you should invest in some precious metal, creating fake demand.

Tying currency to a physical substance (gold) only makes it easier for outside organizations to manipulate that currency since they can play with the values and availability of stockpiles of said substance outside of your control. Granted, this can of course still occur with an abstract currency (dollar) but its a lot harder to do so.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin (Score 2) 290

by kelarius (#48821789) Attached to: Bitcoin Volatility Puts Miners Under Pressure
No instead it deflates/inflates in wild fluctuations with little or no warning or reason. Thats the mark of a true currency, never being able to instill confidence that it's going to be worth X tomorrow, even within a reasonable range.

I'd rather my currency not change in value more an investment in penny stocks. Maybe it will smooth out once the final blocks are mined out but I won't be holding my breath.

Comment: Re:Now I feel old. (Score 1) 82

I keep reading posts on here talking about how god damned expensive RD-RAM was in the early 2000s and I just don't seem to remember it ALWAYS being that expensive, especially in summer '02. The first computer I ever built for myself using my high school grad money cost me $800, had a 2GHz P4 Northwood, and 512MB PC800 RD-RAM (in 2x256MB config no less), and I can even remember the RAM not being the most expensive part of that build (that was the CPU and the $150 graphics card I put in there). Now maybe I just happened to find a fantastic deal, or maybe some people arent remembering correctly, and yes, I do remember the price of RD-RAM tripling not a year later, but it wasn't always so bad. I always attributed the price increase to a drop off in production to absolutely nothing as everyone jumped off of the P4/RD-RAM ship. Best part is that that computer is still chugging away nicely at my Dad's house, still using the original motherboard, CPU, and those same 256MB RD-RAM sticks.

Comment: Heavily influenced by Master of Orion (Score 1) 116

by kelarius (#44845777) Attached to: Sci-Fi Author Timothy Zahn Is Creating a Video Game
Quoting TFS, "a major focus is going to be on making sure that each alien race is as fully-realized as possible", why don't you focus on making the game not suck ass like MoO3 did first and THEN making sure the aliens are fleshed out (homogenous alien civilizations trope not withstanding).

Comment: Correlation != Causality (Score 1) 287

by kelarius (#44594335) Attached to: Soda Makes Five-Year-Olds Break Your Stuff, Science Finds
I ran another study and found that approximately 50% of the same respondents are male, the other 50% female, and 100% breathe oxygen on a regular basis. Therefore, I can only conclude that having a gender and breathing oxygen must make 5 year olds destructive, violent, sociopaths.

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