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by Fotis Georgatos (#47761399) Attached to: How the Ancient Egyptians (Should Have) Built the Pyramids
nope; that's wrong; 50 tonne pieces are known to be possible to carry around, in fact it was a regular service in antiquity:

Given that Egyptians were providing for "negative incentives" on their population, as opposed to "positive incentives", it was a pretty cheap theater overall, too...

Carrying 1500 tons would not be out of reach with means of the time, if techniques were adequately developed:
If you are into sailing, you can well understand that flotation, ballast, ropes, levers and forces of nature can do really much for you!

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Oops, I hadn't realized before where OpenRC fits in the ecosystem, thanks for that comment!
People need to check this: -> Features

In fact, what is fundamentally incomplete (broken?) in the current init mechanism is the inability to handle startup dependencies gracefully (hey computer scientists, we call that stuff DAGs: Directed Acyclic Graphs) and it is a prerequisite if we really want to see fast startup times in complex systems with complex services - service startup should be a like a tree, not like a chain.

Now, that being said, systemd seems to bring on top of the previous the ability to dynamically reconfigure the system upon changing hardware. That is indeed a feature that some people may have, yet not necessarily all. Forcing the baggage of that upon the whole linux population, is the major point of contention, IMHO.

Before anyone accuses me of jumping ship, let me make it clear that I'm old-style Linux pro (20+ yrs), probably on the conservative side which favors the widely tested init processes. However, being given choice would be appropriate and, at least allowing for DAG process startup is well desired.

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> 1. Don't be there.

I think this requires a bit more of explanation, since it may be possible or, it may be not;

If you are located in a place that has an advance warning for potential natural disaster or adverse weather, it is very wise to take yourself out of the affected pool of people, in ordered and non-panic mode, since that releases relief resources for others who perhaps may end up in a major need.

I happen to come from an island in Greece, whereby a 7+ Richter scale EQ may occur twice per century; jumping out of the island is not always an option, however, the same argument still applies: - make sure you don't drain relief resources from the people that may be in higher need

Sometimes people don't grasp fully that action or non-action _can_ influence other citizen lives.

Finally, in a recent quake episode in Kefalonia, cars proved to be a good emergency handling measure, for both transport and sleep needs:
keep the family together => reduce movements => increase safety
This proved to be crucial during a period of the year that tents were made very unfavorable due to weather patterns and quickly ended up abandoned, after many days of aftershocks.

Conclusion? if you have a car keep some emergency stock in it - in worst case you'll help somebody else!

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bah. Engineering is about being able to tell somebody that, say, a bridge can be built in X days, bearing Y load of such and such type, endure for Z years at a cost $$$ AND be able to explain that we actually don't have analytical equations for all the physics that relate to it. Engineering is about taking responsibility in delivering the collected knowledge about technical systems of the past, for addressing current and future needs. As an engineer, it is nowhere written that you grasp the whole physics about a technical system, although you are still held accountable for its performance - as a minimum, to explain observed behavior.

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True: ancient tombs have been looted and re-looted, long before the concept of archaeology really took off. There is a good probability this tomb will be like taking a 2000-year-old 3D photo, all along with connecting it with historical figures & events. It's pretty much on track to be a spectacular finding, of the type that re-writes history books (or at bare minimum, amend them).

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+1. Yeap. You are on track, guys! The whole point is, that even if when we are involved commercially in a project, it's optimal to promote the usage of open source software anyhow, as a matter of enhancing community effort and investing time in a manner that you can benefit from it many times more in the future. Kudos.

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OP here. Your concern is very valid and you are not alone, I have the same concerns. However, at the moment we know of no other standard that actually renders alike among zillions of Desktops, smartphones, automated processing agents etc. Can you really replace .pdf format with something of similar functionality AND not ask the majority of users to install X, Y, Z?

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