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by kbrannen (#47077091) Attached to: Goodbye, Ctrl-S

a text editor that is so error prone that *needs* to autosave constantly("continuously"). Or software in general, for that matter.

You've got it backwards--it ain't an error-prone text editor, it's an error-prone human. Even conscientious, process-driven users make stupid mistakes and forget to save their work (especially when they're on a roll.) This protects us from ourselves, not the machines we're working on.

Now, you may be among that handful of people who never forgets to save--in which case, I congratulate you on being in one of the outlier cohorts that software engineers really shouldn't ever spend their time worrying about. :D

What programs are you using that doesn't intercept that quit where you have unsaved work and prompt you to save or acknowledge that you'll lose work? Other than my browser where I'm filling in a form, I can't think of anything that allows you easily lose your work ... power outages ignored for this as they're realtively rare and a UPS handily gives you time to save before the machine goes down.

Generally speaking, I don't like auto-save because there are many times where I work for a bit to try to figure something out and when that idea doesn't work, reverting to where I started is easy, or if the idea worked out then I can save. With auto-save, that revert ability becomes a lot harder or else impossible if the undo buffer is not large enough. Now, if it wants to auto-save to a temp file to prevent lose of work and make recovery easy if the something bad happens (like vim does) while the real file remains unaltered, that's great and something I'll welcome ... all other forms of auto-save need not apply. :)

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Once your stuff it in OneNote, there's no easy way to get it out.

Seriously? You haven't found the export (save as) feature? They give you Word, PDF, XPS, and MHT formats. If it all goes bad for you, you can always copy-n-paste it out. It's not hard to get info out of OneNote. If you're trying for mass export, as in you're trying to move away from OneNote, I believe they also provide the API so you can write your own export filter (haven't tried it though).

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If I was taking a class (or whatever) with a high ratio of drawing to text, then I'd agree. However, I'm rarely in that situation; most of my notes are text only.

I can type faster than I write, even with abbreviations (which I can do while typing too), and my handwriting has decreased over the years, so typing is almost manditory unless I really slow my handwriting down, which is the opposite of what I need to do while taking notes when someone else is speaking.

That's how it is for me, perhaps your situation is more conduction for pen and paer ... mine's not.

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by kbrannen (#46760247) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

The withholding system works because it causes the least economic distortion -- the more a tax "hurts," the more adverse an effect it has on day-to-day economic decisions, the more it's liable to cause people to make bad economic decisions, like saving huge lump sums in the bank instead of investing or consumption. A tax "hurting" might be good politics (for some people), but if it causes people to have irregular cash flow or makes it significantly harder for them to make planning decisions it will hurt economic growth.

You're ignoring his point to go off on a tangent. Sure, it would change the current economic model in play today, but his point was that people need to see what they're giving to the government, and some pain with that *might* cause them to get more involved (this last part is probably wishful thinking on my part).

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Stop and really think about how you'd do that and you'll quickly figure out that it's far, far easier when you can use a protocol tuned to your needs.

I've recently started working on Basket Note Pads (a note taker for Linux) and syncing to a server is the next project I'll take up with it when I finish my current task. I already know that syncing to a server is going to be non-trivial and tricky to get right.

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