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Comment Re:None of them (Score 1) 889

"People pay for Office because it's better."
> No, people pay for Office because they are sheeple and don't know any better; and because Micro$oft has a stranglehold on the market.

Some people are sheeple, but some of us want/pay-for Office because it has programs that there are no equivalents for on Linux. Someone above mentioned Outlook (personally I hate Outlook with a passion). For me, it's OneNote; nothing in the OSS world comes close and I've looked. Even Evernote, which is about half of what OneNote is doesn't even have a native Linux app.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

It is a pretty safe bet that your family and friends are just using Microsoft Office as an excuse to avoid talking about Linux. ... So what those people are probably saying amounts to: they are comfortable with what they have and don't want to learn something new (may that be Linux or LibreOffice).

Sigh, that may be true for a few people, but my guess is that number is pretty small. I use Linux heavily, but if I could have 1 piece of software ported to Linux it would be MS-Office. There is no equivalent to OneNote in Linux-land. Basket Notepads tries; I even tried to help it along, but gave up in the end as it just wasn't going to meet my needs as I evaluated it more. To Evernote users, sorry, it doesn't meet my needs either.

Also, the UI of LOffice is pretty clunky. I find it very slow to use because I have to stop and search for features/commands that I know are there but can't easily find. It's rendering is also only about 95% accurate, leaving artifacts and weird visual stuff on my screen (like it showing me where the margins are but text is shown out of bounds). LOffice is a good attempt and I wish it well because I'd like to see it catch on for more mainstream usage, but it's not there yet. But for a quick view of a MS-Word doc on Linux, it works well enough.

Comment Re:What I don't understand... (Score 1) 254

And if you objectively compare them to the features that OneNote provides, they all come up short. At least that was true for me with the features I was after, and I tried a lot of them. I don't care for MS and their products as a whole, but they did a great job creating OneNote. It's at the perfect place for getting the job done and easy to use. If MS would port MS-Office (mainly for OneNote), I could give up MS-Windows and anything else that I just had to have would probably work under Wine. Heck, I'd give up all of my MS-Windows only games to get a Linux version of OneNote!

Comment Re:What I don't understand... (Score 1) 254

Evernote is cloud based. OneNote is local.

Err, no. OneNote can be either local and/or cloud based, your choice from version 2010 forward. I presently use it in both ways at the moment in that some notebooks are local only (things with personal data), some notebooks are in the cloud (things I want everywhere easily and I don't care if anyone else hacked in and saw it).

Comment Re:Unchanging UIs? Not just for old people (Score 5, Insightful) 288

I agree completely. Too often we see change for the sake of change, for UI people to justify their jobs (or so it seems to me).

My father is in his 70's and has slowly been losing his ability to figure out how to accomplish new things. He can remember things he learned as little as 5 years ago, but new things stymy him. Changing UI's have caused him to eventually give up using the computer, even his web email interface changed enough he couldn't use it any more. We considered adding voice recognition software, e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking, but even that was to much for him to learn. Sadly, he's had to give up using the computer all together.

I'd really like to see more software people come to realize that when something works well, to basically leave it alone. When software reaches that level of maturity, it's a good thing to leave it working. If that's boring for the developers, then go find a new software project and leave the mature product as is.

Comment Re:Need to be adjustable (Score 1) 340

I think that the adjustable standing desks are on over complicated solution to the problem. Use fixed standing desk with a drafting stool.

Close. If you're in a cube, raise the desk supports to the height that's correct for you; this may require an extra brace, just depending on how everything is supported. It's important that it be ergonomically the correctly height for *you*.

Others have said get a good mat; I think it's good advice.

Get a good chair that can be raised high enough to allow you to sit at the elevated desk. I had to order a "lab stool" off the internet (from Global Industrial, cost was ~$150). It's very adjustable, has a curved back and support for the legs, also has a ring to support the feet that's adjustable.

Then you can stand and sit. :) I tend to go back and forth, about an hour at a time in each position. I also have the same setup (with the same chair) at home. I like it a lot and I feel better. You can move slightly while "standing", that helps too.

If you don't have a cube that you can raise the surface, check out a product called "Varidesk"; if you have 2 monitors, you'll want the "plus" version. I bought 1 of these for my wife and she loves it.

Comment Re:McLoving Mickey (Score 3, Informative) 229

The only other internal company name I've come across that's more universal is ex G.E. employees referring to it as "Generous Electric".

When I worked at TI (Texas Instruments) in the 90's, it was pretty universally referred to as "Training Institute" because so many people would work there for a few years after college before going somewhere else. Some people also called it "Tiny Income". There's some truth to both. :)

Comment Re: bye (Score 1) 531

Maybe, but in almost every single browser topic here on /. there will be at least one thread going off about shitty Australis --- Which really puts into question the rest of their complaints. The Firefox Australis UI may look different than the previous traditional FF UI... but so what?! If you don't like it, its little more than some standard CSS to adjust the UI however the hell you want. Almost every single FF bitch about changes is little more than bullshit --- I have yet to see a FF change that can't be reverted with either CSS or an extension. If there really was some agenda to "destroy" Firefox, they certainly wouldn't leave in the ability to undo/revert these so-called horrible changes.

There are some changes that I'll agree with you on. I hate the Australis UI change, but the Classic Theme Restorer plugin does fix most of that. But I'll call BS on the rest.

There were a number of changes (say from v25-35 timeframe) where they removed the ability to turn things on and off by removing the controls from the about:config interface. Can't fix that with CSS or an extension if the code to do what you want is completely gone.

And don't get me started on the stupidity of the Chat/Loop/webrtc thing they just added as a core tech ... with no ability to remove it. If there was ever a candidate for doing something as a plugin, that seems like it to me, but they didn't do that. Sure, I can turn off the control with an about:config change, but I can't get rid of the bloat and potential for bugs and who knows what else it could bring when I'll never use it.

I don't believe there's a conspiracy to kill FF, but there's been so many stupid decisions lately by Mozilla that a conspiracy actually starts to look slightly believable.

Comment Re:Way too many humanities majors (Score 1) 397

I don't think we need to do anything at all, don't push STEM and don't try to eliminate Humanity majors.

In general, most people end up doing something that's fairly agreeable to them, which means they have an interest and somehow get the skills (thru classes and/or on the job training). Because we have a diversity of interests, we'll end up with a diversity of education/workers ... i.e. we'll have STEM majors and Humanity majors as people are naturally inclined.

Sure, there will always be bubbles as people try to jump on fads, but for the long run, this is not something to worry about and I'd just ignore the article.

Comment Re:General Boycott Is In Order. (Score 1) 106

I'm not a backer, I've never heard of this project before. But if I was a backer, I'd ask for my money back. Is that possible? That's a serious question, I really don't know if that's possible with kickstarter campaigns (in a case like this, it seems that you should be able to get your money back if they change the project you signed up for.

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