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Comment Re: Ridiculous (Score 1) 132

So, you're saying you wouldn't help your sister, mom, or grandma with this? I know I would, as wold most technical people who wish to encourage their friends and family to be more secure.

I will help them as much as I can but I refuse to be a technical support for Google just because they are incompetient and don't care.

You mean it's something Google cold easily do if they would just stop write-locking /system/ during the boot process to prevent malware from completely pwning Android devices. You must not realize that this is a security measure, and a very strong one at that; it's literally as simple as it could possibly be without opening the door to all kinds of nasty malware we currently don't have to deal with. The only thing that might make it easier is a GUI, but that would also make it easier for people to install malicious ROMs without really thinking about it; having to type it out makes you think about what you're about to do before you press enter.

No Google controls the system. They already have a lot of system apps that can whatever they want. This is just a simple implentation of crypto signing the app. If the app is signed by a specific key by Google then they can give the app access to stuff like this. You talk about like this is something impossible to do? If you control the system like Google does you can have it any way you like.

Comment Re: Ridiculous (Score 1) 132

You talk about Apple but Apple is not an excuse because they are bad themselves, yes Apple also sucks.

Do you really think a normal user will be able to unlock or install Marshmallow on his phone with these unnecessary complex instructions? I have rooted and installed a few Android mods myself and I can tell you that it is very easy to make a small mistake or that the third party instructions are not clear enough so you end up with a bricked phone. I am not talking about myself, you or other technical people. My sister, mom or my grandma will not be able to install this crap.

If the company can't support a highly expensive device for more than 2 years then the install process should be as simple as dowloading a Google app that will update the phone. This is something that Google could easily do if they would just get of their asses and stop being evil.

Comment Re: Ridiculous (Score 1) 132

That is one of the problems with Android your phone can only be used for 2 years until it is completely outdated and can't be updated any more. Now that wouldn't be a problem if Google wasn't constantly changing Android and coming up with newer and newer versions making it impossible to install new/updated apps from app store. The problem is that Google doesn't care about backward compatability and is constantly deprecating and messing up things for no reason. I understand if the newer phone has some new hardware that your phone doesn't have but this is software we are talking about there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be able to install a new version on older phone. Google is just lazy.

Comment Re:GMO itself isn't the problem. Its how its used (Score 1) 357

No the problem is also with the GMO. I don't have a problem with GMO food in itself, since food is just food, but we have to acknowledge that when you start to modify the structure and genes of something that you but into your bloodstream there is always a risk that it will produce some kind of side effects that can disastrous effects on your health if there are not performed rigorous safety testings.

Comment Re:It's a trap! (Score 1) 141

All in all, your "examples", some of which I personally disagree with (having lived through that time) are from 13-20 years ago, 2 CEO's ago, and aren't relevant. Microsoft isn't the same as it was back then, I suspect less than 2% of the workforce that is there now is still there (could be wrong, I just pulled that number out of the air), but the idea stands the same. Not many employees remain that were there are that time, and it's gone under two different CEO's since then.

But it is still the same company. Where any of the CEO involved in this charged with anything? No because the people themselves are not being charged it is the company. Which one is it? Either the individuals are to blame or the company as a whole is to blame. If Microsoft doesn't want to be associated with the bad things they have done in the past, they should disband the company and create a new one with a different name. Now you say: "But the Microsoft name is a valuable asset". Yes but then you also have to live with the bad things also assocated with that name. You can't just take the good and leave out the bad.

Comment Re:It's a trap! (Score 0) 141

Yes I loathe MS because I am an old timer in this industry and I have seen all this crap from Microsoft first hand and been burned by it. Just look at Embrace, extend and extinguish in Wikipedia to get a few real life examples. All of this happened!
.Net is from Microsoft and therefore Microsoft doesn't have to EEE it's own product. Saying .Net is open source is a misnomer. Taking a real life .Net application and moving to a different platform is basically impossible. Everything in .Net is dictated by Microsoft. Just try to take any .Net project programmed 10 years ago and try to get it to compile in the latest Visual Studio, I can guarantee you will run into major problems. Believe me I know.

The difference from the other projects is that they have been behaving like saints compared to Microsoft. So they can be trusted much more than Microsoft

Comment Re:It's a trap! (Score 1, Informative) 141

It doesn't matter how long ago it was. They where sentenced as Microsoft and they still are Microsoft. Microsoft has shown that they are willing to break to law. As an example is the case Microsoft against Sun for the Java runtime that shows that they are prepared to use any illegal tactic to destroy the competition, especially famous is their Embrace, extend and extinguish tactic. So given the history of they company it is no surprise that people have reservations about any "open source" project they have and if this Chakra project becomes successful I think we don't have to wait to long before the extend and extinguish part comes along.

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