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Comment Bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 386

If the intellegency can't do their job just because Anonymous is shutting down public Twitter accounts and flodding Rick Astley video on hashtags, then they are not competent at their job. They have direct access to all these social media databases which Anonymous doesn't.

Anything that hinders ISIS in spreading their message is a good thing.

Comment Re:Clickbait title? (Score -1, Troll) 168

Embrace: Microsoft encourages schools and kids to learn programming with Minecraft.
Extend: Minecraft will include some extra new exciting features, but they are only available for Windows.
Extinguish: Everyone is using these features and the next version of Minecraft only runs on the next version of Windows and must be programmed with .NET. You kids better upgrade all of your shit to Windows if you want to continue to learn programming with Minecraft.

Comment Re:Not the same problem as most of the duplicates. (Score 1) 214

1) It is possible some illegals use more than one SSN.
2) The 12 millions are an estimation, give we are talking about illegals here.
3) 12 million may be the current number but you have to take into account some time period of illegals, since over 700,000 enter each year.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 166

I think it's the following:

1) Fragmentation of Android platforms. You not only have to test for all the different versions of Android you also have to test on different vendors platforms.
2) The Android SDK is constantly changing on a massive scale and things are being deprecated left and right with almost no downward compatibility, so making a simple app and updating it with fixes becomes an enormous task. Y constantly have throw away code and rewrite and redesign your app when you upgrade the SDK.
3) There are ridiculous amount of bugs present the Android platform, and some of these bugs have never been fixed because they belong to an older version of the Android platform which has been abandoned.

Given all this, programming an app for Android is a total nightmare.

Comment Re:The US will start smaller (Score -1, Troll) 108

No all legal assault rifles owned by civilians are registered in the US and require a in depth background check by the FBI and a tax stamp, gun dealer licence, and large transfer fees.

I was talking about guns in general it really doesn't matter if you have a automatic or semi-auto, a gun is a gun and is dangerous. Besides you can always add slide fire to turn it into automatic.

What if you buy one at a gun show? Are you required to report the ownership change?

semi-automatic and manual require a background check and often a waiting period, unless you have a concealed carry permit in that state or dealer licence (in which cases you have already passed the background checks).

I wasn't talking about background checks or waiting period, I was talking about registration of a gun to a name and accountability for the registration just like in the case of a drone.

Additionally we have a constitutional provision protecting right to own firearms. But we have no such constitutional protection for ownership of RC toys.

Just because you have a stupid constution doesn't really make it any more sane.

Comment Re:The US will start smaller (Score 0) 108

False equivalency.

You can't just spout false equivalency without backing up why that is false equivalency, which you didn't.

Besides, many argue for even stronger regulations on firearms, they simply are not able to bring those arguments to fruition.

People argue for many things, but if they are not in effect they are meaningless. In this case this is a real drone regulation that is coming into effect. I can assure you that in the next 50 years there will still be no gun regulation in America and Americe will still have a lot of school shootings.

>RC aircraft are being regulated because of the abuses that have been carried out through the operation of RC aircraft. The desire to regulate firearms comes from the abuses that have been carried out through the operation of firearms. They do not compare

No you just compared them exactly right in this sentence.

they are each their own specific situation, with only one well known example of overlap.

They are different yes, just like all things, but here they are being compared exactly on the same thing. They are being registered so you have some accounability in the event of misuse of the device.