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Comment Idiot software developers (Score 4, Insightful) 262

The only reason why this is happening is because the software developers are morons. In a mission critical system you never give write access from an entertainment module to critical system. The information system should not have the ability to make any changes in the engine software. The best way to enforce this is to use a hardware read only bus that sits between the entertainment system and engine system and only allow traffic to flow from the engine to the info system but not the other way around.

Comment Re:It's bullshit (Score 1) 190

3. There are actually two networks, sending identical data for redundancy. Now guess what happens if one of the networks sends different data than the other? Right: The offending port / device gets shut down.

If there are only two networks, how do you know which one is sending the wrong data?

Comment Re:Seen something similar before (Score 1) 152

Actually what will happens is that some users will use a cracked version as some sort of trial and then buy the real version if they are satisfied with the program. This is what I have sometimes done when the software doesn't have any trial versions available to test. But if you have quiet crashes, corruption or weirdness in your program the users will think that your program is just really crappy, stop using it and never buy it.

Comment Re:Everything non Android (Score 1) 484

My experience is completely different. I have Google Nexus 10, Samsung S4 and some other phones running Android. On each and every one they are slow as hell, just swiping between screens is really slow sometimes and the core UI is unresponsive lot of times. Of course I am a power user and have a lot of apps installed but that shouldn't affect the Android OS and the UI response unless of course the Android OS is buggy.

Comment Everything non Android (Score 1) 484

Anything that does not run Android. Google unfortunately is focusing on fancy look but doesn't care about all the myriads of core bugs that are present in the system. Google is also removing critical core functionality in every new release of Android. Android used to be very good in 2010 but each new version becomes slower and slower and unusable.

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