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I am no fan of Perl, but if you have an application that is mission critical, has lots of legacy code, and just works, then you do not go about rewriting it just because there is some dislike for the language.

If it was something related, such as difficulty of finding suitable candidates for developer positions, then I would understand. But just because "perl is ossifying" does not cut it as a valid reason.

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by kbahey (#47088797) Attached to: On MetaFilter Being Penalized By Google

But the point is, I am in Southern Ontario, and searching on just the restaurant's name does not get me Restaurantica results at all on the first page. And, it used to be that Restaurantica did show up by searching just the restaurant's name, in the first couple of results.

Google has been "going local" for a while, showing you results in your area first. But this is the exact opposite.

Comment: I have seen this ... (Score 3, Informative) 108

by kbahey (#47081039) Attached to: On MetaFilter Being Penalized By Google

I have seen this in a few sites I run. One is a business site, another is a special interest with specific demographics, and the third is a blog.

It all started with Google shuffling their algorithms, with Panda then Pengiun.

I saw traffic drop on all three sites. Some coninciding with Panda, and the other coninciding with Pengiun.

One site was the top site for certain search terms for many long years. Not anymore. That site saw a 7.5X drop in pageviews per month traffic. Another site saw 3.5X drop, and the third was 2.5X.

What is weird is that Google de-indexed one site because of "un-natural links". When I contacted them, I asked what the links are, so I can remove them. They never came back with any definitive information, and sent the same template email saying site de-indexed because of un-natural links. It took 3 or 4 tries, and then they reinstated the site back in the index. They never told me what the links are, and never explained why they de-listed the site nor why they reinstated it.

Another thing of note: some sites no longer show up in Google searches. For example, here in Canada we have a restaurant review site called Restaurantica. It used to show up in the first few searches for restaurants in the area (Southern Ontario). Now, I don't see it at all on the front page. Seems Google decided that Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon are the authoratitive ones for restaurant, and Restaurantica is third class or something.

I also noticed that the search quality for Google has gone downhill starting in 2011. Really stupid matching of terms, some partial strings even. I've never seen Google's search that bad before.

They are for sure dumbing things down, a general trend in the industry in the name of "user experience" and such. You see this in Firefox with the dumbed down Australis, which requires Classic Theme Restorer to undo some of the damage.

Sigh ...

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by kbahey (#46995437) Attached to: Why Mobile Wallets Are Doomed

This e-wallet stuff is not their main source of revenue.

Square is advertising on TV about how one pays with a credit card, using the plain old magnetic strip, using a card reader that plugs into the mic socket of a mobile phone.

Here is how it works.

Also, they are opening an office in Kitchener, Ontario, within the Kitchener Waterloo technology hub.

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Evidence elsewhere does not support this theory.

Egypt for example, has one of the highest Schistosoma infections rates. Even its other name, Bilharzia, is after the guy who discovered it in Egypt in the mid 19th century (Theodor Bilharz).

My own father died from complications of Schistosoma. This is because in the 40s and 50s, the treatment involved antimony injections, and they used to stand up patients in line, and inject them all with the same glass syringe one after the other. This caused Hepatitis C virus to spread, even before they diagnosed the virus.

Back to the theory: Egypt has a very low AIDS incidence rate, so that seems to negate the finding.

However, there are many species of Schistosoma, so there may be variations there. And this vaginal version is something I have never heard about before. So perhaps the species they found over there is the cause.

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by kbahey (#46884537) Attached to: Erik Meijer: The Curse of the Excluded Middle

To be fair, APL was a wonderful language, and perfect so long as you didn't want to actually /do/ anything.

I worked with a guy in the mid 1980s who used APL for everything. He came from the mainframe world, but had APL for MS-DOS on floppies. When he was contracted for writing an MS-DOS application in RM-COBOL, he used APL to write a full screen text editor so that he would not use edlin and such.

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