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Comment: Ready to get killed by subscription elite gear. (Score 1) 184

by kb9vcr (#36295072) Attached to: Activision Reveals <em>Call of Duty</em> Subscription Plans

So I pay a monthly fee and then I get what?..
-map packs: EA will have to sell map packs as a separate DLC as well. They'd be losing a ton of money if they didn't. Not everyone will subscribe.
-Analysis Tools: Big woop, maybe some pro players care about that.
-???? : HAS to be weapon mods of some kind. How else will this subscription make any sense? Take it, it'll piss off people who don't subscribe of course. And if you don't think EA would do something so dumb, just recall the battlefield 2 special forces expansion, which added weapons for only the expansion players in the original maps.

The other option is that the service offers so little difference that only a small minority of pro players buy it....what do you think is more likely?

Comment: Even T-mobile affiats aren't offering (Score 1) 745

by kb9vcr (#29180179) Attached to: Why the Google Android Phone Isn't Taking Off

Even T-mobile affiliates like iWireless (in Iowa) don't offer the G1 or myTouch. Google needs to stop relying on T-mobile and get Android phones as offerings from all national carriers. I'd love to get an android phone to replace my current sub-par MS 6.1 based HTC smartphone. Time to start flexing some muscle google!

Comment: Re:Reloadable cards. (Score 5, Informative) 196

by kb9vcr (#26553529) Attached to: An FBI Agent's 3 Years Undercover With Identity Thieves

For online purchases one-use card numbers already are available.

Bank of America has them, it's called 'Shopsafe' and it's a free feature if you have a card with them. I've used it for every web purchase now for years and it works great. You set your limit & expiration date, generate a number and your set. Easy and it limits your exposure.

(MBNA developed shopsafe and then Bank of America got it when they bought them out. Probably other companies have something similar)

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