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Comment: Same experience without the video (Score 1) 473

by kaychoro (#40106335) Attached to: When Antivirus Scammers Call the Wrong Guy
I had the same call come to me twice. The second time I took a little more time and here's how it went: They usually ask you to open up the event viewer to show you all the "malware" on your system. After booting up my windows XP VM, he opened up a command prompt window to one of the Windows folders. Then he ran the command "attrib". at the end I got a similar the command prompt back:

C:\Windows>Windows firewall subscription has expired.

with the written text about the firewall being typed MUCH slower than my 8 year old son types. Eventually I told the guy he was doing all of this in a VM, and he didn't think I was as smart as I said, so he asked a couple of obscure computer questions (about msconfig and northbridge/southbridge)... I then asked him if I could ask him a question... I asked, "Will you take me off of your call list?" I tried to guilt him out of doing what he was doing, but I figured I'd wasted enough time, so I hung up. I haven't had another call since then.

+ - Orrin Hatch (Senator R-UT) removes co-sponsor of P->

Submitted by kaychoro
kaychoro (1340087) writes "If you can get to your senator's website, you may find something similar to what Orrin Hatch (R-UT, PIPA cosponsor) said:

...the PROTECT IP Act... is simply not ready for prime time ... Rushing something with such potential for far-reaching consequences is something I cannot support and that’s why I will not only vote against moving the bill forward next week but also remove my cosponsorship of the bill.


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Comment: Who cares about politics... (Score 1) 639

by kaychoro (#38451314) Attached to: In the simplistic left/right divide, I'd call myself
I thought it was asking about which side of my brain I use more... my left, more analytical side, or my right, more artistic side... I thought what a pointless question to put to the completely left-brained slashdotters. I guess this line of reasoning was generated by my right side and didn't occur to anyone else.

+ - MIT can now see through concrete walls->

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MrSeb writes "Up there with invisibility, teleportation, and being able to cancel mid-season TV breaks, x-ray vision is one of the most sought after superpowers — and that seems to be what a couple of researchers from MIT have managed to do. It isn’t quite x-ray vision — it uses microwaves instead — but MIT’s radar array, made by Gregory Charvat and John Peabody, can see through 8-inch concrete walls. Basically, it works just like a normal radar system: 44 antennae send out S-band microwaves (2-4GHz, about 10cm peak to peak). Most of these microwaves — 99.4% — bounce off the solid concrete wall. The 0.6% that make it through bounce off any objects on the other side, and then come back through the wall, losing another 99.4% of the waves. By the time the microwaves return to the array, the signal is just 0.0025% of its original strength. The reflected waves are then amplified, subtracted from the concrete wall's echo using an analog crystal filter, and then converted into moving blobs by a computer. The entire rig is about 8 feet wide, and it is designed to be mounted on a military truck for urban warfare — but it could revolutionize emergency response, too, with the ability to see through rubble and collapsed buildings for survivors."
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