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Comment: We choosed PostgreSQL (Score 3, Interesting) 393 393

Last year when the Oracle's contract had not been finalized, we chose PostgreSQL over MySQL and this kinds of doubts that Oracle will be proper place for projects like MySQL was one of the reasons. It seems Oracle has indeed problem adapting the new approaches required for working on Free Software projects.

Comment: A complete PC beside those storage mediums (Score 1) 1044 1044

The best way is storing a complete communication system, like a PC with USB, wireless bluetooth,... and also DVD reader, ... beside those storage mediums what ever they are, This way there is a good chance you can find a way to read it even 50 year later,

+ - Bill Gates is a Goblin->

kavehmz writes: "As I was reading Harry potter and deathly hallow I found decription of goblin that matched amazingly exactly for Bill gates and his ideas about copyright in software.

"You don't understand, Harry, nobody could understand unless they have lived with
goblins. To a goblin, the rightful and true master of any object is the maker, not the
purchaser. All goblin made objects are, in goblin eyes, rightfully theirs."
"But it was bought — "
" — then they would consider it rented by the one who had paid the money. They have,
however, great difficulty with the idea of goblin-made objects passing from wizard to
wizard. You saw Griphook's face when the tiara passed under his eyes. He disapproves. I
believe he thinks, as do the fiercest of his kind, that it ought to have been returned to the
goblins once the original purchaser died. They consider our habit of keeping goblin-made
objects, passing them from wizard to wizard without further payment, little more than

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