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Comment: Re:Also in Chrome 33: Welcome to Walled Garden (Score 1) 125

by kav2k (#46356597) Attached to: Chrome 33 Nixes Option To Fall Back To Old 'New Tab' Page

Thanks for the reply.

I understand that there are several viable workarounds. Especially since on Windows, ChromeSxS actually works (hello, #38598), using unstable is relatively painless. But I can't shake off the feeling that you got a nice bonus of enforcing CWS TOS on the largest chunk of your userbase.

Non-Web-Store extensions never had auto-update to begin with. The only difference between loading unpacked and side-loading is that it's a bit trickier to install unpacked, and Chrome will warn you every time you start up.

This is simply not true. I've been an extension developer for quite a long time, and I've always hosted a beta version of my extension outside CWS, with auto-update, using update_url key in the manifest.

And that's why I had to scramble to move my beta version to CWS unlisted before 33 hit stable. If I missed the announcement, it would be slightly painful to recover.
I wonder though, if you've engineered the hard block of an extension to still look for updates. So that a user who had an extension blocked by this would later get the extension back if the developer submitted it to the webstore with the pem file.

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I can tell you why I don't use WhatsApp.

While a competent mobile-oriented IM is a good idea in general, I intensely dislike the fact that they went with binding your account to your phone number. I juggle several SIM cards, and that's a no-no in WhatsApp's book.

I infrequently use Kik for the same purpose as WhatsApp, especially linking its detailed message delivery status, but their recent changes to TOS and embedding a browser in-app makes me wary to continue.

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You think that's the real problem in Chrome 33?

Well, compare that to this fact: on Chrome 33 on Windows (and Windows only) all non-Chrome-Web-Store extensions are forcibly disabled and will not install anymore, with the exception of pushing them through domain group policy.

So, say goodbye to anything not blessed by Google, like extensions that allow "the unauthorized download of streaming content or media".
Unless you want to use the Dev channel as an official workaround, or are content with loading extensions unpacked, with no auto-update.

It's not like I don't understand the problem, I've seen rampant Chrome crapware on clueless people's computers. But this is heavy-handed.

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(A) used to turn me off too. It's not a classical roguelike where you're free to ponder your next move. But, it's part of the game that you can't explore every nook and cranny and are hurried up so you've got bigger chances to screw up. In fact, it's just a skill barrier - once you're better at it it doesn't bother as much. Also, this leads to bite-sized gameplay sessions, which I find as a plus.

(B) I tried it using both keyboard and a controller, and I'm sticking with a controller. The controls are all in one tight key block, and logically laid out. As for picking up and dropping down - they both use a universal "use" key. And in both, you need to press down. It's not illogical: you bend down to pick something up, and you indicate your intent to drop down.

Actually, it's highly recommended to watch other people play it. It builds up knowledge how the game works to the point of it being enjoyable.

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Nobody mentioned Spelunky so far.

Procedurally generated, "roguelite" platformer requring skill and metagame knowledge to succeed in.

Contains "daily challenges" (a one shot at playing s specific seed) for those playing it on Steam, which brings highly competitive elements to the game.
Also, recently a tool for it emerged that allows to lock seed generation to a particular value, enabling competition outside dailies.

Website: and gameplay videos are aplenty on YouTube.
Has a free "original" version with low-res graphics to get a taste of the gameplay.

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