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Comment: Re:Shotwell instead of f-spot, almost Yay (Score 1) 473

by katana_steel (#33857488) Attached to: Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat, Now Available

Granted that GUI option (Make Link) is not likely to change, however
what if the GUI designer thought it "easier" if they'd rename the action,
for whatever rational it can happen.

The command line will remain the same.

If one only needs the function once a year or less, it's going to involve a bit of research regardless.

Comment: Re:How the HELL is this informative? (Score 2, Informative) 248

by katana_steel (#33833928) Attached to: Ubuntu Won't Moan To EU About Microsoft

sure it seems that if you live in the US you can get Dell to ship you a PC with Ubuntu pre-installed
however PC-Pro being a UK magazine tried Dell's UK site, and I think it's true for the rest of Europe too,
where it's impossible to find anything but hardware with Window 7, unless you want to buy a server with RHEL.

Comment: Re:Firmware? (Score 1) 350

by katana_steel (#33559912) Attached to: Broadcom Releases Source Code For Drivers

Well yes it does require a firmware still however now one is free to distribute said firmware
provided by the kernel under this firmware license
(provided in git commit: 8ce599d7e75d7e998a325408ae9507bf9e3388c0)

So it would be in the linux-firmware package or something, usually already installed for with your
distrobution of choice.

so they've released the firmware too but only in binary form under thier license

Comment: Re:Put yourself in the user's head (Score 1) 718

by katana_steel (#32976200) Attached to: Windows vs. Ubuntu — Dell's Verdict

all that you said I agreed with, except your last line

In short, Dell's right: if you're new to computing, install Ubuntu. If you have legacy MS apps, bend over!!

Dell's site explicitly says "if you are new to computing, install/get MS Windows".

I however think that if you are new to computing, aka never ever has used a PC before, it actually doesn't matter which system you get as long as you have one to show you the robes. That said my opinion is that they should be introduced to Linux (be it Ubuntu or any other user friendly distro) first though.

Comment: Re:New to computers (Score 1) 718

by katana_steel (#32975700) Attached to: Windows vs. Ubuntu — Dell's Verdict

Similarly, help files and forums have people running shell commands and editing configuration files - that's just voodoo to a totally new computer user, and if nothing else ingraining a "just run whatever the forum tells you as administrator" mindset is not good.

Likewise, which to my knowledge is still the standard, any newly installed MS Windows system has the primary user setup as Administrator that is similarly a dangerous situation. So how would that be any different?

At least in ubuntu you have to invoke the judo command, or similarly, to elevate the user. Okay to Windows' defence it now has a bunch of security warning boxes when the user is about to access or change the system.

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