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Journal Journal: I Push the Money Over Here, Then I Push it Over There

In the last 5 years, I've become something of an expert at managing my personal finances. Not that my finances are in great shape - it is what it is - but at least I'm good at working with what I have.

I've done this with a combination of technology and an incessant desire to know everything about my past, present, and future, especially financially.

Comment IMS (Score 1) 618 618

When I managed a ColdFusion environment years back, I got a request to write a custom tag to interface with IBM's IMS. I had no idea what it even was, but I obtained some sample Java code and basically wrapped it in the Custom Tag framework and it's worked like a charm ever since. I'm not sure if this counts as "old" since it is still maintained by IBM, but the system itself was born in 1966.
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Journal Journal: IT Heroes and Big Data

Many moons ago (circa 2006), when I was a young lass studying Computer Science, I had a teacher that really stood out. He swore freely in class, wasn't afraid to call a kid stupid for asking stupid questions or not being able to read code, and regaled us with probably one too many fantastic stories about how he played football for the Chiefs. And while he could be an asshole at times, I probably learned more from him than just about any other throughout my college years.

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Journal Journal: Less Hate for HATEOAS

I'm starting to finally warm up to this whole Hypermedia thing. It's really not so terribly difficult to understand.

I actually figured it out on my way to the Slayer / King Diamond show. It was a bit of a walk for me, so I use that time to think through my projects without being at my desk. Helps get me outside the problem and see the forest for the trees.

Comment Re:Why offer only xml? (Score 1) 6 6

I am using JAXB, actually, and I don't hate it, but I don't love it (for hatred of Java/XML see JiBX). I was hoping to have a base class that would have a root node called "resource" that would contain a self link and a list of links. But for some reason you have to put the root element in each inheriting class, so I have all these inheriting classes with stupid @XmlRootElement(name="resource") at the top... I dunno, it looks like it'll work, just not as elegantly as I had hoped. My biggest problem was understanding the whole HATEOAS thing and how it would apply to my project. I did about a week's worth of research and took a good long walk and I think I have it figured out.

Comment Re:Why offer only xml? (Score 1) 6 6

I'm in the transportation world, and most of our partners and customers are still on EDI. So, while my code can easily be modified to support JSON (indeed, our internal products only use JSON), XML seems to be the choice of the industry. I'm going to wait for the use case to flip the switches for JSON, since I'm mostly focusing on getting this out the door. Though admittedly, this is a weak excuse not to implement it out the gate because I don't want to deal with it at the moment. Anyway, I think I have it all figured out and I'm loving it now. Just took a while to wrap my brain around it all. Will post a followup.
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Journal Journal: Weird Ubuntu Wireless Shenannigans 2 2

I got a call from the gf the other day at work. She was at home doing homework on her Ubuntu laptop and said the Internet wasn't working. I believe she said she couldn't connect to the Wireless, actually. So I had her turn off the router and turn it back on. When that didn't work, I said I'd be home in a bit, because trying to walk her through troubleshooting is a nightmare. So first thing's first, I tried pinging Google from my desktop, which also connects wirelessly. I'd get about 39 pings

Comment Re:Good work (Score 1) 2 2

Thanks for the encouragement! My CYA-fu is strong, mostly because I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but that doesn't stop him from throwing anyone and everyone under the bus when something goes wrong. My plan is to transition to another team about halfway through my degree, and I've already alerted my next boss of my desire to switch. He's on board. Just gotta have a plan! Thanks for the advice!
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Journal Journal: The Waiting Game Is a Stupid Game

I've got this ColdFusion app that sucks in a bunch of data from a Teradata database, and joins it up with a bunch of data in an Oracle database, and then stores it in its own table. The problem with this is, I have to run a nightly batch job to suck it all in. I'm doing this in ColdFusion, so I've got a 5 minute timeout (default web timeout) that I need to stay under. Everything was fine until I got a complaint about a feature of the archive script not working. I think I fixed that, but now i

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Journal Journal: I Direct at You, the Seething Hatred of One Thousand Suns! 2 2

There's trouble in paradise. My once cushy and enjoyable job is clearly nearing EOL. This is due to someone else here, a real "go getter." You see, not only is this individual Machiavellian in nature, but he's tech-stupid to boot. So we have a power grabber who doesn't know shit about what he's trying to manage. This is going to end up destabilizing the company over the long term, making my job much less enjoyable because A.) I will end up cleaning up the mess, and B.) He will slowly suck up

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Journal Journal: Upgrading Eclipse to Luna

Ugghhhh. Here we go again, with the Eclipse bullshit. (This will be sort of stream-of-consciousness as I'm just going to rant as I get this shit working...)

So I'm about ready to start a new project and I bit the bullet and upgraded to the latest "stable" (sarcasm detected) Eclipse release, Luna. I had been using Juno forever, with great disdain, but at least I knew most of its quirks. So now I get to learn all of Luna's quirks.

Comment Re:A Fan of Security (Score 4, Interesting) 258 258

Beautiful. I too was deployed to Iraq. Some Major got bit by the Good Idea Fairy and wrote an Access Database to store all of our flight data. It took him half the deployment to write that. Meanwhile, we were storing all the data in Excel. Once it was ready, he wanted us to import the data to his Access DB. And of course, it wouldn't just import because the table structures were too different. So we were to import all 15k records by hand. As you know, military PCs are all locked down, but AutoHotKey has a scripting language and does not require admin privileges to run, so I spent a week writing a script that alt-tabbed between the Excel sheet and the Access DB and copied and pasted each cell into each form field until the damn thing was imported. Not a hardware hack, per se, but definitely a hack. Got an ARCOM out of that for saving everyone a shitload of time and their sanity.

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