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+ - Best Blog for Developers?

Submitted by karniv0re
karniv0re (746499) writes "I am a consultant to a large group of developers at my company. Typically, I handle questions in a case-by-case basis, and often times these are repeat questions. Some of them are answered through a ticket database and others just through email. No one ever bothers to search the database before asking questions. We have a mailing list, but I try to keep it low-traffic. So I came across the thought of starting a blog, which people might be more likely to subscribe to, where I can answer questions in parallel. My question is, what is the best free blog host for developers? I tried Blogger, but it just isn't living up to my requirements. I need it to have a way of formatting code (similar to Slashdot), tags and good search functionality are essential, and I don't want to spend any money, so it has to be a service like Blogger. What do the Slashdot experts say?"

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