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Wireless Networking

Journal karniv0re's Journal: First Venture with Linux Laptop in a Coffee Shop

Victory is mine!!!

I have finally managed to enable wireless networking on my Averatec 2370. There were issues with some "doesn't support scanning" and "no ioctls" errors. But I sorted all that shit out by disabling all rt drivers that were not specifically rt73. rt73usb? /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist that shit. rt2x00usb? blacklist that shit. It should look like this:

$ sudo lsmod | grep rt | grep -v parport
rt73 203648 1
firmware_class 15104 1 rt73

Aaaaannnd we're good.

I even did a quick war walk down the street. There are a ton of fucking APs just in my neighborhood reachable with my shitty little embedded wifi card. Let the games begin.

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First Venture with Linux Laptop in a Coffee Shop

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