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Comment Re:Wait, what? You can see other peoples' wallets? (Score 4, Informative) 70

A bitcoin isn't a "thing". It's an entry in a public ledger that says "wallet X paid wallet Y 0.001BTC". All* the wallets start out at 0 and if you want to see how much money wallet Y has now, you start at the beginning and add all the payments into it and subtract all the payments out of it. Example:

has 0 BTC balance after receiving 3 payments and making 3 payments (the tiny fraction of a BTC missing each transaction is the fee paid to miners to process it).

As for anonymity, I normally have no way of telling you who 1ENYmn1eCWPa4MFD4VU9wUFqLrzPcqUgaY is. But if one of those payments there was made from an ATM that converts money to BTC (and takes a photo) or one of those debits was sent to a drug dealer who mailed the drugs to the wallet owner's home address, then got busted by the cops who got a customer list, then it could be figured out.

Comment Re:Your reply is bad and you should feel bad (Score 1) 385

Because that would harm existing operations!

Yeah! Terrorists aren't like Marvin the Martian wondering where the America-shattering kaboom they were expecting is, no, they assume that if they didn't hear about the explosion it's because Allah made all the idiots in America not notice the explosion. Imagine the harm if they realized that all the times their shit didn't blow up it was because the government stopped them!

Comment Bad choice (Score 2, Insightful) 141

Cutting Crimea off from Ukraine is only going to strengthen Russia's hold on it (especially after Russia comes in to save the day with electricity). And if these people thought they were being repressed before, well, I'd hate to be a Tatar now that they're responsible for turning off everyone's electricity.

Comment Re:What if I want to know what's out there? (Score 1) 305

I'm reminded of the companies that actually lobby to keep "blue laws" that make it illegal to be open on Sundays (I've heard this said of both car and booze sales on weekends). They expect that they wouldn't do enough business on Sunday to make it worth paying employees to keep the shop open, but if the government didn't force everyone to close they'd HAVE to be open because if they weren't, their competitors would get the business.

Comment Re:What if I want to know what's out there? (Score 1) 305

It's easy to find out when some new drug gets approved, I hear ads for the drug on the alarm clock radio every morning. "Do you have [insert mild, benign symptom here]? It could be [insert nasty sounding disease here]! Go to our website and fill in our survey so we can prove it to you, then talk to your doctor to see if [insert drug name here] is right for you!"

Comment Re:Innocent? (Score 2) 108

Since many of the 'endangered users' were then charged with various crimes, are they innocent?

Based on what? The say-so of someone paid $50 million to finger people as experimental "research"?

If the FBI paid a psychic $50 million to finger drug users, would you still open your argument with that line?

Comment Re:That's not what the DMCA says. (Score 4, Informative) 31

They're not making a copy of anything

And? The word in the sentence you quoted is "bypassing". It doesn't matter if once you bypass the security measure you copy the copyrighted work or not, the law says that you shall not bypass the protection, and the courts have indeed decided that the law means exactly what it says, which is what leads to us having to get special permission from the Library of Congress to unlock our cellphones.

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