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by karnal (#47280273) Attached to: Harley-Davidson Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle

Low RPM low horsepower air cooled. I know some are probably water cooled, but they're still rather low performers out of the gate.

I switched from a "touring" bike that just about every biker in america seems to ADORE (taken from my experience at biker gatherings and punchy quips thrown at my ride) to a sport touring bike that looks like a crotch rocket but with a much better seating position. Going from a 0-60 of around 9 seconds as well as a horrible handling ride to one that does the same in 2.8 seconds and is beautiful to handle is such an awesome experience. Shame I can't convince the haters to at least try it before they hate.

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by karnal (#46973103) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Does Your Job Need To Exist?

Exactly. The problem with not having the resource on site is that you (employer) would not be able to be confident that the employee is available. I'm sure some outsource companies / contracts specify that a resource will be available within X minutes etc if not on-site, however I feel in this scenario the business can potentially lose more money from downtime if that is breached than the potential damage award from a breach of contract.

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How do you turn the car off but leave the radio on for the passenger - e.g. at a gas station?
Either jump out of the car (leaving it running) - it will complain when you leave that there is no key. It will stay running until shut off without the key in the car, not advisable (someone could drive off. I had my friend "test" this by driving around the parking lot.) I'd park the car, then hit the start / stop button twice without foot on brake - once to kill the engine, then the next engages the accessory position.

How do you give a prolonged crank?
In my experience - I have a remote starter, and on occasions that I jump the gun on the remote start (i.e. only give it one minute to "warm up") my car seems to have an issue re-starting while in the car post remote start. At this point, when I put my foot on the brake and TAP the start button, it will crank seemingly forever (>15 seconds) until either the vehicle starts OR I take my foot off the brake. Due to security concerns (see above), my remote starter automatically shuts off the car when a door is opened, requiring a re-start to go.

This is for a 2008 ES350.

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In my Lexus, one press with foot off brake is accessory, two gets me the ignition/computer fired up. At any point even with the car totally off, depressing the brake and then touching the button fires it up (position 3). Also the engine in a no start condition will crank until it state or you take your foot off the brake.

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by karnal (#46823033) Attached to: WRT54G Successor Falls Flat On Promises

I went to a multi-band AC router because I have devices in my house that it just doesn't make sense to run a wire to. My basement was finished before I bought the house (new in 09, owner fully finished it) and the ceiling is all drywall.

Yeah, I can poke holes and run cabling just fine. However, it was just easier for me to spend some $$$ and now I can throw files back and forth from anywhere in the house at better than 802.11g speeds; typically half of gigabit wireline speeds. My internet isn't fast enough to really give me a boost - but that wasn't my main goal.

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Oh, believe me - I always thought "Man, if I make (x) amount of money, I'll be SET" - but everyone's finances are their own. Back when I would spend money as quick as it would come in, I would have one of the better upper class rigs of my gaming group. Now? Core2Quad with a GTX280. Why? I have other priorities as well; paying off all of my debt is becoming a BIG priority even though I'm years away from retirement.

My point should have been more to - if you are into gaming and can afford to shell out the bucks for the big name games, then you probably have some income that you can save or just outright spend on a larger drive, spinny or SSD. Hence, buy a bigger SSD or HD. Simple solution. If not, then don't buy a game that has such large requirements and save up until you can.

Besides - even if you don't buy a larger drive, well... then offload some games? There's solutions; potentially sub-optimal for what you want to do. At this point it isn't like the creator/publisher is going to go back and re-do all of the sound files, right?

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Buy a bigger SSD. Or use a faster HDD for those "less used apps" (I know, Windows kinda sucks at this, can't dynamically move a lot of apps). My recent SSD purchase was going back and forth between a 256GB and a 480GB precisely for this reason; I had a 300gb Velociraptor that was @ around 225 before I bought.

I went with a 480GB because I decided in the end, sacrificing space and having to shuffle apps or reload windows was not an option. Once this gets close to full, I'll probably buy Crucial M500 960GB to replace it, and have the 480GB as a scratch/additional apps storage.

Don't get me wrong - I understand space costs money. Honestly - if you have a gaming rig and are buying Titanfall for whatever the price is - invest in larger fast storage as well.

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