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Comment: Re:Replacement batteries are nearly useless (Score 1) 131

by karnal (#47735943) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

I think a bigger issue with things like Cordless Phones and other devices using Nicad or Ni-MH techs is that they never seem to design a proper charger for them. I have a home phone set of 4 handsets - and each and every one of them overcharges the Ni-MH cells within to the point of heating up continuously post-full-charge. On devices designed with Lithium style batteries in mind, they HAVE to be more of a smart charger or you'll get fires...

I also bought years ago a small compressor with a Sealed Lead Acid battery 12v 7ah in it. Of course, same here - the charger is a dumb charger, 15v @ 400mah. If you leave that plugged in too long, the battery will die an early death as the voltage is way too high for a float charge after the battery is full. Since I recently replaced that battery after 7 years in service - not much use - I am now using a battery tender device until I find my SLA charger somewhere (moved last year and put it somewhere....)

Long and short of it, batteries are only a small part of the equasion. You could put money into the best batteries for the application (OEM, non generics etc) but if the charger is constantly beating them up, they will not give you a reasonable life span. I don't consider having to watch the charge times a very good thing, since I tend to forget after 5 minutes that I left something on charge.

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by karnal (#47581455) Attached to: Multipath TCP Introduces Security Blind Spot

Corporate policies can be pushed to a non BYOD device. Obviously (as you point out) the BYOD device - if it's using both paths - could be blocked on the corporate WiFi environment due to the IPS policy but continue chugging along on 4G and effectively negating the bonus of multipath.

There's never a clear solution for BYOD unless it can be centrally managed, which is the security concern for most (all?) companies, I'd think.

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