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" I guess we're going to find out how much of that system we can destroy until we ourselves go extinct, or figure out a way to exist outside of the food web. Remember, just because you don't care about some little tree frog somewhere doesn't mean that the symbiotic and inter-connected nature of the system doesn't care.
Wow you see this is what makes me crazy.
1. humans are not destroying the system. Changing yes but not destroying. The ecosystem of earth seems very resistant to destruction and no Place on earth is completely lifeless.
2. No the interconnected system doesn't "care". If you are not religious you need to live in a reality that nothing outside of humans and a few other higher animals care about anything.

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by LWATCDR (#47525345) Attached to: Dutch Court Says Government Can Receive Bulk Data from NSA

" I doubt that Germany KNEW that we were listening in on their gov officials"
The US has anti spying agreements with the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The German government knows that and the US does not have one with Germany.
Are they really that dumb?

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by LWATCDR (#47525283) Attached to: Dutch Court Says Government Can Receive Bulk Data from NSA

Some did and some did not. It is unfair to judge the individuals of a nation by the actions of other individuals. None of us know what we would do in the same situation. We all know what we would like to say we do but that is not the same thing.
Of the nations of Europe that had to live under the occupation Norway probably has the best record for resistance. Frankly the Germans didn't treat the Norwegians badly at all. They thought of them as fellow Nordics. They could have sat out the war with little grief but instead they tied down massive numbers of German troops. That being said sitting at your computer and making accusations is not helpful in the least.

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