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+ - GCSB illegally intercepted data in Dotcom case->

Submitted by karit
karit writes: Prime Minister John Key today announced he has requested an inquiry by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security into the circumstances of unlawful interception of communications of certain individuals by the Government Communications Security Bureau. Mr Key says the Crown has filed a memorandum in the High Court in the Megaupload case advising the Court and affected parties that the GCSB had acted unlawfully while assisting the Police to locate certain individuals subject to arrest warrants issued in the case. The Bureau had acquired communications in some instances without statutory authority.
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Comment: So who does the government represent? (Score 5, Interesting) 120

by karit (#41160061) Attached to: New Zealand Draft Patent Law Rewritten After Microsoft Meeting

It seems that the NZ government is meant to represent the voters wishes, but it does seem to do what the US and Multinationals want. The Office of the United States Trade Representative said clause excluding software from patent-ability "departed from patent eligibility standards in other developed economies" (http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/7570288/Govt-accused-of-Patent-Bills-betrayal), umm so can't one country take the lead and see a problem, address it and move on to a better place?

Comment: Re:Not my fault (Score 1) 517

by karit (#27891821) Attached to: Should Developers Be Liable For Their Code?

Testers only give an exit report to the person taking delivery and is up to them to make the go/no go decision. We just provide evidence and metrics for the recipient if they want to push it out or not.

Anyway software is different from a lot of products as it isn't fixable and upgradeable. So long as the vendor can provide timely and free security and fixes for issues that affect data integrity they are doing what they should.

Comment: Re:Bank balance (Score 1) 499

by karit (#26794775) Attached to: Sacrificing Accuracy For Speed and Efficiency In Processors

Also remember this chip is running seven times faster than current chips. Maybe run every calculation until get two or three the same or maybe a win by two scenario and pick that as the correct answer, so long as on average you will get two agreeing ones in less that seven iterations you are still running faster with less watts to do the calculation.

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