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Comment: Genetic programming at work, but not truly random (Score 1) 312

by karimlalani (#37515118) Attached to: A Few Million Virtual Monkeys Randomly Recreate Shakespeare
Seems like the coder used genetic/evolutionary programming to achieve the "feat" However, it is not truly random since you are comparing end result with an absolute answer, and not some mathematical approximation. In simple words, the user wanted Shakespeare, so he hardwired the code to get Shakespeare. I don't mean comparing the end result to Shakespeare. The program effective weeds out non-Shakespeare out of the result pool at every iteration. Not random. Here is an example demonstrating how anyone could do it.

+ - Windows 7 - (K)Ubuntu coexistance nightmare->

Submitted by karimlalani
karimlalani writes: I had a recent bad encounter with dual boot setup of Kubuntu Lucid Lynx and Windows 7 where Windows 7 goes into restart loop for some time before letting you log in.
The article records the issues I experienced, the help I received, and the steps I took in the attempts to resolve the problem.

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