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Comment: Re:Performance Is Overrated (Score 0) 193

by kanuac (#26806885) Attached to: Intel Moves Up 32nm Production, Cuts 45nm

Performance Is Overrated

I very much agree with that. At least within CPU performance.
But speed not only comes from the processor, there's a balance -synergy if you like- between all the components: Data transmission (decreased boot-up time, speed up moving large files over hard disks & network >> HD movies, trailers, lossless audio... = S-ATA Rev. 3.0), better connectivity (faster transfers from external devices = USB 3.0), faster graphic rendering (better power management, more data bandwidth, etc. = PCI-E 3.0)...

CPU speed -as well as more MHz- is fine, but not the most important matter to get an all-around responsive computer.

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