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+ - Russian Phobos-Grunt probe off course->

Submitted by kanto
kanto (1851816) writes "The probe intended to retrieve a soil sample from the Mars moon Phobos has failed to set course for the red planet. According to the head of Russia's Federal Space Agency, Vladimir Popovkin, the probe's engine failed to start possibly due to it's onboard computer failing simply to send the "switch on" command and that this is an emergency they had anticipated and that could be corrected.

The probe has 3 days worth of batterypower in which time the issue has to be resolved or Russia's 15 year dry run of interplanetary exploration will continue."

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+ - Finnish food exports to Russia stopped at border.->

Submitted by kanto
kanto (1851816) writes "According to the YLE-story most of Finnish foodstuffs exports to Russia have come to a halt. Several consignments of meat and dairy products en route to Russia were turned back at the border on Wednesday. According to Evira (Finnish Food Administration) Russian officials did an inspection run of Finnish production facilities in may and the exports have been temporarily stopped due to their findings. Thus far no prior notification of any problems has been reported and as of yet no one in Finland, including the Minister of Agriculture Sirkka-Liisa Anttila, knows what is going on. The exports to Russia amount to almost a quarter of all Finnish food exports and it's hard to say if this has any lasting effect on them."
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