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Comment: Re:People still buy tube TVs? (Score 1) 153

by kanto (#42200397) Attached to: EU Issues Largest Antitrust Fine to Date for CRT TV Price Fixing

Such utter bullshit, can't believe this would get modded interesting. The officials should just hush it up and let price-fixing go on? That's where the money is you know, getting paid to shut up (which is why the US financial sector is still very much alive and kicking). What the fuck has /. become that this gets modded interesting? Some sort of collection point for conspiracy nuts with IPads so they think they belong in here.

+ - Milky Way is Surrounded by Halo of Hot Gas->

Submitted by kelk1
kelk1 (660671) writes "If the size and mass of this gas halo is confirmed, it also could be an explanation for what is known as the "missing baryon" problem for the galaxy [...] a census of the baryons present in stars and gas in our galaxy and nearby galaxies shows at least half the baryons are unaccounted for [...] Although there are uncertainties, the work by Gupta and colleagues provides the best evidence yet that the galaxy's missing baryons have been hiding in a halo of million-kelvin gas that envelopes the galaxy."
Link to Original Source

+ - Romney-Ryan Space Policy Fails to Impress

Submitted by
RocketAcademy writes "The Romney-Ryan campaign has released a white paper on space policy, which observers find to be long on criticisms of the Obama Administration but short on specific recommendations.

The policy promises "a robust role for commercial space," but it's clearly a supporting role: "NASA will set the goals and lead the way in human space exploration."

When it comes to space, both parties put government ahead of private enterprise. Some see a parallel with the policies which are driving space companies out of California.

Newt Gingrich, one of the few politicians who thinks seriously about space, says the policy is a step in the right direction but not enough."

+ - Ask Slashdot: Microsoft Security Essentials

Submitted by
horsecat writes "What is your opinion — Microsoft Security Essentials vs Avast Pro in a network environment on local workstations? I have users who think we could do away with Avast Pro and only use Microsoft Security Essentials for security scanning — any opinions?"

+ - Why Apple intentionally sacrificed Maps quality in iOS 6->

Submitted by colinneagle
colinneagle (2544914) writes "Every time an iOS 6 user changes location, Apple will remind its loyal user of the inadequacy of iOS 6 Maps. This tradeoff between an excellent user experience and proprietary control of location was made because of the value of location data to advertisers. Apple wants to monetize this data for itself rather than give Google the opportunity.

Location data is valuable, especially if the user opts in to being tracked. Apple’s ad network iAd will know if a user passes certain stores, dines at specific restaurants and plays tennis. This type of data helps an advertiser increase the relevancy of the ads it serves, creating more value.

If the Google Maps for iOS 6 app does come to fruition, then this approach begs one question: how much user data could Apple gather if none of its users run its app?"

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Comment: Re:Cowardice by Microsoft (Score 1) 183

by kanto (#40534471) Attached to: Nokia: Google's Nexus 7 Tablet Infringes Our Patents

Nice jab at being specious, but all I know is the article. Nokia has been succesfully suing over their patents before MS deal and will continue to do so; they do have patents which actually are standards essential as in they were a big part of making the standards themselves possible.

Try looking in the mirror and seeing how you parrot someone elses per rectum theories; the amount of pure stupidity and mallaced bias in /. these days begets aggression, this submission will most likely be the last one I respond to.

Comment: Re:Cowardice by Microsoft (Score 1) 183

by kanto (#40533947) Attached to: Nokia: Google's Nexus 7 Tablet Infringes Our Patents

Well, you obviously did not RTFA (because it's about Nokia, not MS) and were just prepared to go on the 'oh, the M$' rant about how they're using Nokia to do their dirty work... Nokia and MS have a deal, they're not going to sue MS & WP, try processing that.

I think Nokia would/should require Google to license their tech even without MS deal; there's no reason for Nokia to subsidise Google even if they aren't out to make real money on the HW itself. They've told Google to get in touch, but since it's an American company expect a minimum 2 years of litigation for tax reasons or just because the US courts are what they are.

+ - CERN to announce discovery of new particle->

Submitted by
djacosta writes "The physics community is abuzz with the latest news that CERN researchers in Switzerland plan to announce the discovery of the Higgs boson on July 4.
But it looks like someone jumped the gun.
A video confirming the discovering of the new particle was accidentally posted on CERN's website for a brief time this morning, Tom Chivers of The Telegraph reports.
In the video, Joe Incandela, the CMS spokesperson says:
We've observed a new particle. We have quite strong evidence that there's something there. Its properties are still going to take us a little bit of time. But we can see that it decays to two photons, for example, which tells us it's a boson, it's a particle with integer spin. And we know its mass is roughly 100 times the mass of the proton. And this is very significant. This is the most massive such particle that exists, if we confirm all of this, which I think we will."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Are we reading too much into this? (Score 1) 183

by kanto (#40532087) Attached to: Nokia: Google's Nexus 7 Tablet Infringes Our Patents

Google isn't interested in the HW so much as the fact that they need to control the OS and the ecosystem... you're essentially saying that since Google isn't out to make money with the devices they should be allowed to minimize their losses by not licensing tech developed by others.

Comment: Re:Good ol' Microsoft (Score 1, Interesting) 183

by kanto (#40530707) Attached to: Nokia: Google's Nexus 7 Tablet Infringes Our Patents

Nokia was under completely different management 2 years ago, which essentially makes every point on behavior prior to the microsoft deals entirely unrelated points.

How exactly is this shit insightful? Afaik they went after Apple for freeloading and now they're going after Google... or maybe I just answered myself. Microsoft and Nokia have a deal on patents so Windows Phones aren't being targeted, go cry me a river.

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