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+ - Monsanto threatens to sue Vermont over GMO labelling requirement-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Things are heating up on the genetic engineering front in the state of Vermont, where an overwhelming 96 percent of Vermonters vehemently support “right to know” legislation that mandates full disclosure of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) on food labels. But according to Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), Monsanto is now threatening to sue the state of Vermont should it dare to pass such legislation, which has stalled it in committee."
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+ - Developing for Windows Phones->

Submitted by kanguru007
kanguru007 (1261990) writes "I have been working as a full-time iPhone developer for about one year. My first app reached version 1.0, I have submitted it to the app store and it has been approved. However I have decided it not to release it yet, there are too many iPhone apps and "good" is not enough for guaranteed success. I will release it for the iThings in a few months when it hopefully will reach a "brilliant" or "exciting" stage. Wanting to make some money from my work before the summer I had the brilliant idea of porting it to WP7 and quickly release a version for those beautiful Nokia phones. I am using a very common development language and graphics API for my app (C and OpenGL ES) and I thought I could make a version of it for every modern computing device with a 3D chip and a GCC-compatible processor, be it a Nintendo DS, an OLPC laptop, a Mac, a PC, a Rasperberry PI, an iPhone or an iPad, Android devices, etc. When I opened my browser and started looking for Windows Phone development tools I found this: How can C and OpenGL not be available for development on Windows phones?!? Are there any technical reasons for this or is this still Microsoft's way of locking developers "in"? I feeling more like I am being locked out!"
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