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Comment Re:The best I can come up with. (Score 1) 144

If you just want to glamp and want to have network access, your question was phrased poorly. Maybe you should have just asked about network access for glamping, or googled it?

If you're hiking with a tent, power is an issue. You probably want a generator to power a laptop and phone with data hotspot/mifi. Lots of camping areas have 4G data.

What you want to do is so basic I don't understand why there needs to be an Ask Slashdot about it.

Comment Re:Sad Birds (Score 2) 109

EA has 8,400 employees. Activision has 6,700. Blizzard has 5,000. Maybe the companies you worked for were small time?

Rovio also sold Angry Birds T-Shirts, cartoons, etc. I imagine at a huge mark-up. Good for them, they managed to strike lightning with a silly mobile game, and took advantage of it thoroughly. Now these employees are no longer needed. It's not realistic to say they could have taken those profits and make a billion dollars with them. They aren't an amazing game studio, they just got lucky and managed to have one silly breakout hit.

Comment Re:It won't matter (Score 2) 109

Why would it be good for the common man? Seriously, why? Right now I can get a cheap home loan. A cheap car loan. As long as inflation remains relatively low, it's in the interest of the common man for the interest rate to stay right as close to zero as possible.

Indirectly, low interest rates helps provide jobs, which is also good for the common man.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 706

If you leave your front door open, and somebody comes in and steals all your stuff, it's still stealing. If caught, the thief would still go to jail.

If there was such a thing as a secure system, maybe it would make sense to prosecute executives. It would be how therapists are legally required to keep their files behind two sets of keys (say, a safe inside a locked house). However, such a model doesn't work in a world where we have zero-day exploits and even high-security targets such as the CIA are getting hacked.

Comment Re:Metabolic rate doesn't vary that much (Score 2) 381

The article is vague, but if you changed a person's metabolic rate (how many calories are burnt without exercises) you would also expect them to have a corresponding change in body temperature. Perhaps there's another explanation for IRX3 and IRX5 and obesity being linked. They mentioned "a complete resistance to a high-fat diet" which sounds like, it adjusts how these mice eat (and certainly doesn't mean the same thing as metabolic rate). Of course, saying you have a miracle obesity cure that means you don't need to change any of your life habits, all based on an experiment with mice, sells better.

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