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+ - MC Frontalot website hacked, users + passwords released. 1

Submitted by kallisti5
kallisti5 (1321143) writes "Looks like MC Frontalot had his website hacked. Potentially exposing clear text passwords. The following email went out to everyone who had an account:

Hi Folks, It's your old acquaintance MC Frontalot here! I have some shameful things to report: An enterprising youth managed to dump my site's user database. He published all the data on a hacker site, which means it's public. BIGGEST HASSLE FOR YOU: Your email is listed there, and all usernames and many cleartext passes are listed next to emails. If your password is the same one you used elsewhere in conjunction with this email or username, that pairing is compromised! For instance, if your email and password were the same as on your facebook account, you'd need to change your facebook password immediately. I posted a warning at signup that users should choose a low-security password for my site (since the phpBB2 framework mails passwords back as cleartext). I sure hope most of you caught sight of that when you signed up, but if you didn't I can't blame you. Your password has been reset and is enclosed below. This is terrible and I'm extremely sorry! I feel like a grade-A horse's ass. If I had been a more responsible guardian of passwords, I would have replaced my rickety old site code well before now. My smarter friends have been helping me fix the vulnerability that was already exploited. My site has never stored any kind of financial records — my databases don't have credit card numbers, real names, paypal addresses, or anything like that. But PLEASE make sure your password at IS NOT one that you're still using somewhere important. Your embarrassed friend, MC Frontalot

For what it's worth, he warned us in Secrets from the future."

Comment: Awesome! (Score 1) 70

by kallisti5 (#47098963) Attached to: Haiku Gains Support For Current Radeon HD Cards
The radeon_hd work is mostly to provide reliable mode-setting and to enable the full range of resolutions on Radeon HD cards. There is talk of hardware rendering, howevever we need a pipeline to connect Mesa / Gallium to the card. DRM is very Linux centric. In a lot of ways our driver is cleaner than the Linux one, i've been careful to refacter quite a bit of messy code as I went. We're actually working with the Linux radeon developers to point out issues in the Linux kernel driver. Everyone wins.

Comment: Re:Blame GNOME 3 (Score 2) 693

by kallisti5 (#46741973) Attached to: The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money
Heh. I can relate here. Back when I was young and poor I donated a *lot* (back then for me at least) to Gnome.

Today I am *MUCH* better off financially than I was then... however since Gnome 3 came out I've cut all donations.

I want to try to like Gnome 3... but they make *WAY* too many odd design choices anymore for me to care. The issue isn't them wanting to be different and new, the issue is making design choices that don't make any sense.

Every person I see running gnome is running some kind of dock to get get their open application list back. (go ahead, search for Gnome 3 screenshots on Google+, all of them include some dock). People don't have trouble focusing on a single application to the degree that they need everything else hidden from sight... it's a silly concept.

Don't even get me started on needing to hold ctrl to use the delete key in the file manager, the removal of middle mouse button copy/paste, the stupid huge title bars, sticking buttons in title bars, and Gnome's odd obsession with not being able to minimize anything.

I personally hope the current Gnome dies as an organization and more sane heads prevale and fork.

Comment: No shits to give (Score 1) 277

by kallisti5 (#45979727) Attached to: OpenBSD Looking At Funding Shortfall In 2014
I love OpenBSD, a *lot* of good has come out of it. (hello, ssh?) I used to run OpenBSD religiously for firewalls. However the 20,000 USD for electricity bit sounds fishy. If it really does cost that much, drop the old platforms that may have 1-3 vocal users. Drop hppa, drop vax, drop old pizza box sparc's, drop alpha. Those platforms were neat back in the day, but now there is no useful point. (they really can't even keep up with modern 100MB/s, 1GBps traffice, I tried vintage hardware plus OpenBSD a few years ago) This sounds less like Theo wanting to keep the project alive and more about him wanting to keep a huge inventory of crappy systems to play Admin with (holding OpenBSD hostage) Let it die, and from the ashes maybe a newer, leaner OpenBSD will fork.

Comment: Never been too impressed (Score 2) 44

by kallisti5 (#45641691) Attached to: Interview: Ben Heck Answers Your Questions
I've seen quite a few Ben Heck videos, never been too impressed. It seems like a lot of what he does is using 3d printers and CNC machines, then throwing electronics into the resulting cases (not something most people can do yet due to the cost of 3d printers and CNC machines). For example, when he joined a bunch of game consoles, it seemed like more of a hack than a electronics project.

+ - John McAfee accused of murder, wanted by Belize police-> 1

Submitted by
thn writes "John McAfee, who started the antivirus software giant named after him, has been accused of murder in Belize and wanted. McAfee had taken to "posting on a drug-focused Russian message board...about his attempts to purify the psychoactive compounds colloquially known as 'bath salts,'" Gizmodo wrote. The scariest aspect of this story may be the fact that an entire lab was constructed for John McAfee’s research purposes. Because of his efforts to extract chemicals from natural chemical plans McAfee was able to justify his experiments in a country that is largely unregulated."
Link to Original Source

+ - Haiku R1 Alpha 4 has been released!->

Submitted by
kallisti5 writes "The Haiku project released their 4th alpha release today. A year and four months have passed since the 3rd alpha release. Haiku R1A4 includes several enhancements such as a large number of bug fixes, early IPv6 support, better drivers, improved file system support, better localization, and a wide variety of new features and applications."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Bisected? (Score -1, Troll) 249

by kallisti5 (#41756021) Attached to: EXT4 Data Corruption Bug Hits Linux Kernel

Kernel developers have found and bisected the kernel issue...

They split it in half? I suspect you mean disected.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *WOW* You should avoid making technical comments when you're not very technical. bisecting means git is able to track down bugs by taking known working and non-working points in a source code tree and narrow down the broken revision by working from two directions to the common fault.

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