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Comment Re:Sarbanes-Oxley (Score 1) 114

Wasn't intended as flamebait. Adding PhysX capabilities to existing products could be seen as adding functionality that people would otherwise have paid for. I mentioned Apple simply because it's the only high-profile example of a company using this rationale for charging for an update. I meant nothing against Apple in general.

Submission Saving Secondary Science->

Wellington Grey writes: "I'm a physics teacher who is appalled at what I see in science education today. Aside from years of dumbing down courses, current exams are filled with vagueness, politics and non-science. Science is no longer a refuge for precision-minded students. I've tried to work with the system, but have been ignored or advised to write letters of complaint that sit on desks unread. As someone who cares deeply about science education, what can be done?"
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AlexGr writes: "This article by Sandra Rossi in ComputerWorld Australia highlights the challenges Linux faces in many real-world organizations. "Juggling a patchwork of operating systems along with various versions of software on 24 different local area networks (LANs) made IT at St Luke's Nursing Service an unmanageable and costly affair. Not surprisingly in this environment, IT was identified as the community care group's greatest organizational risk.";96332 5245"
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You will lose an important tape file.