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Submission + - Options after Google Chrome discontinues NPAPI support 2

An anonymous reader writes: I've been using Google Chrome almost exclusively for more than 3 years. I stopped using Mozilla Firefox because it was becoming bloated and slow, and I migrated all my bookmarks etc. to Chrome. Now Chrome plans to end NPAPI support — which means that I will not be able to access any sites that use Java, and I need this for work. I tried going back to Firefox for a couple of days but it still seems slow — starting it takes time, even the time taken to load a page seems more than Chrome.

So what are my options now? Export all my bookmarks and go back to Mozilla Firefox and just learn to live with the performance drop? Or can I tweak Firefox performance in any way? FWIW, I am on a Windows 7 machine at work.

Comment Parents? (Score 1) 390

Don't parents help? If college costs $150000 for 4 years, don't American parents help? I am genuinely curious about this. Also, why not halve the costs by staying at home and finding a college close by for 4 years, and then leaving home? This question isn't on topic, but I'd really like to hear some Americans comment on why parents don't help with costs.

Submission + - Heartbleed: what is the impact on mobile apps?

kaka.mala.vachva writes: I have a bunch of applications installed on my Android phone (and my wife's iPhone). How does the Heartbleed exploit affect most applications? Will I need to upgrade each application, or is this something that will need fixing at the OS level? If the latter, then I suppose I should check with AT&T for updates — that should be interesting for my two+ year old phone. If the former, I still have a problem — there are a bunch of apps that I have not updated because they request permissions that I am not comfortable with. Any suggestions on how to best handle this? What are others on Slashdot doing?

Submission + - VPN Service for personal use 4

kaka.mala.vachva writes: I will be traveling to India, Sri Lanka and other places in the next few months. While I do have VPN service at work, I do not want to use that — can Slashdotters recommend a VPN service for personal use? Since I will pay for this myself, cost is a consideration (though not the be-all, end-all factor). I would prefer to have a US IP address when I connect via VPN from India and Sri Lanka, since some bank services do not work with Indian IP addresses.

Comment (Score 1) 947

This is really the wrong forum to ask this question. Ask a biker forum - there is a commuting section on Short answer though - it is safe, there are many cyclists who commute every day. You have to take some precautions, and it is good to be aware of the danger points - but that is true of any activity.

Comment One button to the main screen! Is that changed? (Score 2, Interesting) 233

My problem with my wife's iPhone is that everything about the app has to be on-screen - no "menu" or "back" buttons like android. Clutters up the screen needlessly in some apps - and getting to the settings for the app means leaving the app, something I really dislike. Apparently I'm not the only one who dislikes that - my wife, who should fit the ideal iPhone use profile, dislikes it too - to the extent that she prefers to use my phone and doesn't want an iPhone anymore. Has Apple added extra buttons for a menu and a back button? That would be the most useful UI design change.

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