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Comment: Re:Will they pull out of the UK (Score 1) 186

by kailoran (#36603474) Attached to: Google Pulls Paid Apps From Taiwanese Android Market
This is specifically addressed in the PDF at the site you link to, at 3.39:

Do downloads of electronic books or music from a website, or the purchase of ring tones and screen savers for mobile phones fall within the cancellation exceptions referred to above?

3.39 We consider that these examples are likely to constitute services, rather than goods as the consumer does not receive physical goods. The right to cancel are therefore those that apply to services.

Earlier they state that services that start before the end of the cancellation period are exempt in general, so it does in fact seem that there is an exemption for download-only software sales.

Comment: Re:Bait & switch (Score 1) 364

by kailoran (#34833308) Attached to: T-Mobile Slashes Fair Use Policy, Says Download At Home

3. As per UK contract legislation all T-mob customers who are affected now have 30 days to terminate the contract if they do not like it. Very few will do though - most phones on T-mob are subsidised so to terminate the contract one has to pay the balance on it (at the outrageously inflated "not-locked-in price).

What's the point of this legislation then if it doesn't protect you from inflated termination fees? Can't you always just cancel the contract and pay up?


+ - The Pirate Party wins 2 seats in EU parliament

Submitted by while(true)
while(true) writes: The Swedish Pirate Party has secured around 7% of the country's votes in the election to the European Union parliament. This means it likely has enough votes to claim 2 seats in the parliament. The Swedish Pirate Party has as it's only agenda "to fundamentally reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system, and ensure that citizens' rights to privacy are respected".

+ - Swedish Pirate Party headed for Brussels->

Submitted by
castrox writes: "The Swedish Pirate Party gets 7.1% of the Swedish votes for the European Parliament. This means that the Pirate Party holds one seat out of a total of 18 representing Sweden. Here's to hoping they can make a difference. The make/female vote is 12/4%. The voters for the Pirate Party are also mostly under 30, but still has a big support older voters. The vote for the Pirate Party is much considered to be a protest against the sitting government and the EU."
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Comment: Re:No malloc( )s (Score 2, Informative) 587

by kailoran (#28142713) Attached to: Java Gets New Garbage Collector, But Only If You Buy Support
Not only did you not get the joke, you also have some misconceptions about how the Java GC works. There is no counter, instead the program state is analysed for unreachable objects. Also, memory is not freed immediately, but some unspecified time later (i.e. during the next GC cycle)

Comment: WTF, intellectual property? (Score 5, Insightful) 71

by kailoran (#27804585) Attached to: Originality Vs. Established IP In Games
Why is everyone using "intellectual property", a catch-all phrase for trademarks, copyrights etc instead of just saying "ideas", "stories" or "settings"? I don't want to sound like RMS but it's really a dumb use of the term. The LoTR game is not based on IP, it's based on a story that happens to be protected by copyright.
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One Broken Router Takes Out Half the Internet? 412

Posted by kdawson
from the brain-gone-punky dept.
Silent Stephus writes "I work for a smallish hosting provider, and this morning we experienced a networking event with one of our upstreams. What is interesting about this, is it's being caused by a mis-configured router in Europe — and it appears to be affecting a significant portion of the transit providers across the Internet. In other words, a single mis-configured router is apparently able to cause a DOS for a huge chunk of the Net. And people don't believe me when I tell them all this new-fangled technology is held together by duct-tape and baling wire!"

Linux Now an Equal Flash Player 437

Posted by timothy
from the cheek-by-jowl dept.
nerdyH writes "As recently as 2007, Linux users waited six months for Flash 9 to arrive. Now, with Microsoft pushing its Silverlight alternative, Adobe is touting the universality of its Flash format, which has penetrated '98 percent of Internet-enabled desktops,' it claims. And, it today released Flash 10 for Linux concurrently with other platforms. Welcome to the future." Handily enough, Real Networks released this summer RealPlayer 11 for Linux, the first release for which they've included a .deb package, and offers nightly builds of their Helix player, for which Linux is one of the supported platforms.

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