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Comment Re:Maybe it's not profitable? (Score 1) 244

Try Comodo Dragon, which is Chromium without the Google crap baked in, they also have a version of FF called IceDragon if you want the Gecko engine.

I use Dragon on my netbook I use for service calls, we're talking AMD E350 which is a 5 year old lightweight APU, and once it loads its quite snappy and a pleasure to use. Firefox IMHO has just gotten too bloated as of late and really slows down older systems.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 566

Nooo the surprising thing is even corporate users cannot disable the spying as this was Windows 10 ENTERPISE, the version that they sell to huge megacorps, and even turning everything to OFF it still called thousands of times!

So this should be more than enough to convince any corp that has to abide by S/OX or HIPPA that Windows 10 has to be verbotten, its as big a risk for data breaches as allowing USB sticks...who would have thought that Windows would go from being a spyware risk to being actual spyware?

Comment Re:Maybe it's not profitable? (Score 1) 244

As was thinking the same thing. Intel is a hardware company who makes hardware that is frankly overpowered compared to what most users have for them to do, so what to do? Well make sure they have enough work to bog the hell out of 'em, thus making new chips seem more attractive. Selling software that helps older machines stay out in the field by cutting down on the work they have to do? Not good for business, not good at all.

That does make me wonder though if Intel is royally pissed at MSFT, after all Intel was able to sell chips for years on "What Intel giveth MSFT taketh away" but the last 3 releases have been actually getting better as far as resource usage, not worse. I bet Intel is probably steamed that such an easy way to sell chips has been taken away which would give them one more reason not to want to sell software that lowers system usage.

Comment Re:Conflicting goals (Score 1) 172

And YOU sir are assuming cops will go to the extra trouble of finding out if it was on the public or private line instead of kicking down the door because that is where they think somebody surfing CP is. As we have seen in the past cops, hell even feds, really throw due diligence out the window when it comes to anything to do with CP, see the fed CP server that didn't capture referrers (making it perfect for scumbags to use as a nastier version of a rickroll) or the guy in FLA that the state went after for 2 years when anybody who spent a whole 2 minutes looking at the logs would have clearly seen the laptop his company handed him had been pre-pwned by a C&C that was making thousands of connections a minute and using him as a relay.

As we have seen in America from the red scare to terrorism, from the satanic cult panic of the 80s to charging kids with selfies for producing CP, once we have one of our panics going on logic and the rule of law are pretty much the first things to go. So if YOU want to trust your local, state, and federal police forces to be wise, logical, completely reasonable, and trustworthy? That is YOUR choice. I personally don't have any intentions of betting my life on whether or not they will show common sense, much less understand the difference between public and private networks, so there won't be any public hotspots in my home, thanks anyway.

Comment Re:This isn't a first for Newegg. Also, great fake (Score 2) 172

That is funny, as the only time I have ever gotten a fake was from Newegg marketplace. The few times I needed help from Amazon? I got what I paid for or the cash put back in my account almost the same day, when I got a fake from Newegg? Despite a dozen emails they wouldn't do shit, I ended up getting nothing but a pile of garbage for my money.

Ironically I was about to pull the trigger on nearly 2K worth of parts on some new builds but after fucking me over for $40? Amazon got that cash along with every purchase from the shop ever since. Say what you will about Amazon but when things go wrong? I always get my money or my parts, with Newegg I found out there support is pretty much file it in the can and call it a day.

Comment Re:Stopped reading after... (Score 1) 106

And maybe YOU should bother to do a follow up as that product was CANCELED, it never came out. Or are you gonna also claim that Zen is out, since I can show you a dozen articles saying it was due in 2015? There is a REASON why you don't see shit about it in any of the CPUs/APUs currently being sold and that is because it was CANCELED.

So next time why don't you actually try looking up a product page instead of believing "its coming real soon, promise!" press releases, dumbass.

Comment Re:How big is this problem? (Score 1) 391

I've been working PC repair 30 years, never run into any CP. Of course I wasn't going through people's files looking for shit to steal like the Geek Squad guys, and I would always say if they wanted files backed up "If you have me do this I may see any of those files, so do not have anything in there you do not want me to see and have me back it up" and I've never come across a single case of CP

Oh don't get me wrong there were plenty of cases where a nice bottle of brain bleach would have been nice, such as the gal whose desktop was a constantly revolving pile of her fat hairy BF's taint and nutsack pics, the gal that had made a ton of pics of herself posing with her dildos that I swear were so big they could go in a gunrack, or the guy who had a porn bug that wallpapered the screen with vids in the "2 girls 1 cup" vein, but no CP.

Now that said...I'm sure I'm gonna get hate for this but I have to agree with my friend that works at the state crime lab on this very subject that most of the guys you see caught with CP? Really need to be getting mental help versus jail time. he said anybody whose done any field work in this area can spot the difference between the actual predators and the porn addicts in like 10 seconds, the predators are setting themselves up with jobs where they can get to kids, volunteering at places where they can get at kids, they are like sharks heading to the area where there is the most prey. He said those guys? Life without parole, there is nothing you can do to stop them attacking kids except throw 'em in a box or a bullet to the head.

Now compare that to the porn addicts or as he calls 'em "socially retarded"...they have zero contact with kids, most have little contact with anybody if they can help it, you look at their record and they often haven't even gotten a speeding ticket, its like night and day compared to the predators. They also have these HUGE collections of porn and they always follow the same pattern, the oldest is straight porn, then mild kinks like anal,trans,gangbangs, then BDSM until they reach bestiality and CP. He said they just sit and watch so much porn they become unable to even get aroused on anything short of the most perverted shit. A perfect example was one they had awhile back, when his mom died in 1998 he simply stopped leaving the house, paid everything online or by phone, and to get him out of the house in 06 they had to tranc him. That guy is doing 65 years on the taxpayer's dime when a couple years in a mental health facility probably would have fixed the issue.

Comment Re:Stopped reading after... (Score 1) 106

Funny that you complain about conspiracies and then follow that up by falsehoods. AMD does NOT currently embed ARM chips into its CPUs, there is TALK of doing this sometime in the future for a small range of laptops aimed at the corporate market but so far that is all it is, talk. And if AMD ever does embed an ARM chip they simply licensed a standard ARM security chip design from ARM corp, last I checked it used standard crypto schemes and had specs available online, no black boxes with that design.

As for TFA....do you REALLY blame the writer for being paranoid? We have Wikileaks revealing new nasties about the US gov daily, we have Intel that has been trying to push the market towards black boxes since Palladium and Itanic, and you have MSFT doing everything short of using WU to nuke the OS of everybody that won't jump on their new OS which preliminary traffic analysis shows to be nothing more than Big Brother in a can complete with malware style keylogging and requiring a version they won't sell you to turn off the majority of spying.

So while TFA is probably paranoid frankly after all we've learned in the past few years....do you REALLY trust a large corp like Intel, especially one that has ties to a government, in the case of Intel Israel?

Comment Re:Yahoo Answers (Score 1) 41

Actually YOU are proving my point by automatically ASSUMING based on your beliefs, want proof?

Read the post again, can you find a single instance where it said I actually posted there? I simply pointed out how huge the divide was between the average person and the regressive left, which just FYI was coined by socialists to describe those trying to take over the democratic party in the same vein as the moral majority took over the republicans in the early 80s.

So next time instead of bringing your own biases into every conversation why don't you try actually reading what has been posted, hmm?

Comment Re:Yahoo Answers (Score 1) 41

That hasn't been what I've been seeing, in fact I find Yahoo comments to be quite fascinating as it shows the HUGE divide between the opinion of the average Joe and the political wonks.

For those that haven't watched the sideshow lately that is Yahoo "News" let old Hairy fill you in, all the domestic stories? Have been completely taken over by a staff of the super left SJW/regressive type which is about as far from mainstream opinion as PETA and their "sea kittens" to the average person. When it came out that Trayvon Martin had posted love letters to assaulting people and had done a bunch of gangbanger poses with guns and dope? Yahoo refused to run any of that and instead ran interviews with his third grade teachers while replacing the already bullshit pic of him at 14 for one in the third grade, causing anonymous to cook up that Martin/Zimmerman meme pic. They did the same thing to Mike Brown, was quick to jump on the "poor Syrians didn do nuffins!" when the sky high rapes and assaults started pouring in, I swear its News by Tumblr blog.

So you will see a lot of backlash in their comments, NOT just to be contrary though, but to show just how out of touch the SJW/Regressive faction of the left is to the mainstream, its pretty fascinating from a cultural point of view.

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