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by hairyfeet (#47720119) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

It doesn't matter as a core of the OS is being decided by POLITICS, oh and FYI but that PC World article? Its bullshit, its changed a grand total of TWICE in 20 years, from VXD to WDM, from WDM to DF, and you can still use WDM even on Windows 8. I have used XP drivers in Windows 7, that is 14 years of driver support, show me a video of you using a 7 year old driver without playing the make and break game and we'll talk.

If the core of your OS is decided not on its merits but by politics? Then your OS is doomed to become a punchline. BTW the zealots have been making the same excuses for so long that you can break down more than 90% of posts on any Linux article into just the same TMRepo memes, why? Because like Dems and Reps all that matters now is the politics, NOT the OS.

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Look up "Linux driver ABI" and you'll find doesn't exist. it doesn't exist NOT because its a bad idea (hint: every other OS has one) but because of POLITICS, because some of the hardcore zealots scream "ZOMFG they might not give us teh precious codez ZOMFG"...except most of the major corps ALREADY DON'T GIVE YOU THE CODE so it makes not a shitting lick of fricking difference!

So instead of having an easy to use interface so a driver can be written once and last for years (hell I have used 32bit Win2K drivers on 32bit Win 7 without issue) they will keep a throwback to the 1970s because of GNU-politics. Its sad but as long as politics takes a higher place than good OS design it'll keep on sucking. Again its not a FOSS issue, BSD has one and their drivers work for years, its a Linux issue. BTW watch me be attacked for daring to bring this up, its considered religious heresy to even speak of it.

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Actually Google is taking a page from MSFT and is going EEE on Android and if the rumors are true Win 9 will either be free or insanely cheap so...good luck with that.

BTW what Torvalds SHOULD have said was "I want the desktop....but not enough to give up my shitty 1970s throwback driver model" because you look at the forums and a good 90% of what the problems in linux get boiled down to is that shitstorm of a driver model, it'd be like MSFT trying to build Windows 9 on top of the old DOS .INI drivers because when you have such a fundamental thing old and shitty it makes all the new stuff on top just new and shitty. BTW this is NOT a FOSS thing, its a LINUX thing, as nobody in the FOSS world besides Linux uses his shitty driver model, not BSD, not Android, NOBODY.

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by hairyfeet (#47706331) Attached to: New HP Laptop Would Mean Windows at Chromebook Prices
Its an AMD APU and AMD has opened their specs so I don't see why not. The bigger question is will the $100 model coming later this year with the quad core Atom be able to run Linux...does anybody know if the new Atom is running a PowerVR GPU?

In any case it just goes to show what many of us system builders and VARs knew all along, that they market for netbooks never went away, the OEMs simply priced them too high to be competitive. The sweet spot for a netbook should be between $99-$299 depending on size and features and yet when the last Asus EEEs rolled off the line the price was $449 a pop, while a 17 inch lappy was $299.

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A quad core phone has less IPC than a Pentium 4, a dead end CPU that is over a half a decade old. Take the absolute lowest Intel and AMD quads, the Atom and Jaguar respectively, and put it against the most expensive top 'o the line ARM quad and what happens? the ARM gets a curbstomping, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the latest chips from Intel and AMD couldn't bitchslap the ARM with half their cores disabled, they are THAT mismatched.

Lets face it ARM only has 2 things going for it, 1.- its cheap, 2.- Anybody can make one so you can have some plant in China crank them out like flapjacks...did I mention they are cheap? To suggest an ARM with a keyboard and HDMI is in any way comparable to an actual PC is a bad joke, its good for content consumption and time wasters and that is about it.

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There are other advantages ya know, from what I understand Unreal has top notch documentation, its well optimized so it runs on a pretty wide range of hardware, and of course the Unreal mod community can help your game get modders up to speed generating content to help give your game legs.

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how to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps using the exact same tricks used to infect Windows. Say that is only hypothetical? How about some real world pwning like and its not a fluke by any means. Oh and what happens when the "secure" Linux kernel gets used by a target worth hitting? A million plus infected systems that is what.

Linux "security" is security by obscurity, simple as that. The "many eyes" myth was proven false by Heartbleed which sat there for fricking years without being caught, the ONLY advantage having the source gets you is the ability to keep old versions alive after the devs move on....that's it,that's all. Hell by the time one was to do even a piss poor code audit of even a tenth of a single distro release it would have been abandoned for 5+ NEW releases that your audit wouldn't cover, see how Ubuntu is on track to have 20 mainstream releases in the same support window as Win 7 for example.

Source code isn't magic and considering how many thousands of people work on the code that goes into a single distro sticking a state actor in the mix would be trivial if the state desired it.

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Imaginary problems kill Windows...ahh a classic, haven't gotten that one in a few years, thanks. And if you think MY customers won't call if they get a BSOD? BWA HA HA HA HA HA..damn, thanks again friend! Hell I am the only guy in the county that does house you have ANY idea how in demand that makes me? If they have ANY problem, anything at all, they can pick up the phone and have me fix it on the spot. Believe me if they were seeing BSODs? My dance card would be full!

the other poster says its HP, color me surprised, ever since they bought ComPuke their quality has gone to shit, its the same with Seagate buying Maxtor. This is why I sell Asus lappys and build my own desktops, because I don't have a bit of problem with buying/building quality but you go with them $299 HP specials? yeah...good luck with that.

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Dude have EVER used a Geode CPU? Its about the same as an early Pentium 2, you might as wel get a Rpi if you wanna go that route. That thing will be lucky if it don't get bogged down when the network is busy, mine can simply wake parked cores and keep flowing while doing multiple roles like again media server, NAS, backup server, mail server. Sure yours is lower power because it can't do much and I wouldn't be surprised if its not only weaker but costs MORE than mine because those uber-niche CPUs tend to be high dollar.

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I serve a city of over 15k so i think my anecdotes are a little more weighted than your single office of 11 employees. I also have headlines on my side since, just as i said, even Apple sales are down and I would argue the why is obvious, those that want one already have one and see NO point in getting another because it either 1.- Does what they need it to, since I have found tablet users needs do NOT require much in the way of hardware, or just as likely 2.- its gathering dust somewhere because they can't find a good use for it.

Not to long ago i thought I would die laughing as i saw a hipster chick struggling to drive a shopping cart while using an iPad as a grocery list and I called out "trying to justify that several hundred you spent on that thing aren't ya?" and the look of anger mixed with foolishness told me I nailed it. Tablets are good for a few niches...medical, where its "check the box and sign your name" forms, inventory management, and of course being a glorified video player. Those jobs it does quite well, problem is not a whole lot of the public requires those jobs very often, even the video player doesn't get used much as they are either at home where there is a big screen or out where they are busy doing other things. But at the end of the day numbers don't lie and even Apple is seeing slumping sales because like the netbook its a fad.

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If he had a Linux partition he has dealt with so many fucked drivers thanks to Torvalds shittastic driver model (which no other OS on the planet uses, its THAT good) that he'd have no problem diagnosing the Windows driver problem and fixing it so...hey what do you know, Linux IS good for something after all!

Seriously between last known good config and being able to run system restore off the DVD this is really not a problem. BTW anybody know what weird fucked up hardware combo is causing this? Because I got hundreds of Win 7 systems in the field and haven't heard a peep from a single customer about BSODs, I also updated all the systems in the shop, again no BSODs, so it has to be some funky as hell hardware if I don't have any of 'em.

But I just have to laugh because what the average Linux user deals with every distro release (go to their forums sometime right after release, its really funny) is so rare on the Windows side it makes front page news when it happens. IRL its as rare as hens teeth, thanks to a solid driver model with BC and the ability to silently restart drivers if one hangs Windows has never been more stable and solid. I almost wish the FOSSie delusion of Windows still being like Win9X was real, there are times in the shop I feel like the Maytag repairman in the commercials, sitting there waiting for repair calls that never come.

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I want to see it upgrade at least twice in place without crapping on its own drivers before I'll be impressed.

OOTB most of the so called "mainstream" distros look real nice, its the second you have to upgrade them to continue getting security updates that they shit themselves and fall apart. as just an example if you had installed ubuntu at the same time that Windows 7 came out you would have had to install a grand total of 1 service pack and the monthly updates on 7, all of which can be done automatically and after which you would have a perfectly working system. To do the same with Ubuntu using mainstream (because Canonical says that LTS is NOT for home users, its for businesses and they discourage anybody but businesses from using LTS) you would have had EIGHT, count 'em eight, upgrades, just to keep the system current with patches.

This is why myself and the other retailers don't carry Linux, because the drivers get shit on during upgrade and when you figure up how much time we'd have to waste dealing with forum hunts and Googling for fixes just to keep the damned drivers functional Windows ends up being the cheaper solution by far. So while this version of Linux LOOKS beautiful I can say the same about Mint and Ubuntu and PCLOS, but if I can't hand a new system to a customer and know that in 5 years that system will STILL be running without me having to fix the damn thing every time another release gets crapped out? Then I'm sorry but its just not a suitable replacement for Windows or OSX, both of which will continue running and getting patches for years.

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Because as I have been saying for years ARM just doesn't scale? The problem with ARM is while you can run it at insanely low wattage the problem is that the instructions per clock is likewise very low and unlike X86 it just doesn't scale up with power usage. this is why Samsung is up to 6 cores and Nvidia 5, because when you try to speed up the clock on ARM beyond a certain point it blows the power budget without giving enough of an IPC boost to be worth the increased power use.

As I have said for years it'll be easier for AMD and Intel to scale down than it will be for ARM to scale up because both companies already have such a high IPC. Between the new Jaguar cores at AMD and Broadwell and the latest Atom chips at Intel it is looking like by second quarter of next year the only thing ARM will have going for it is price. I predict ARM will end up in devices where price is king, your ultra cheap tablets, STBs, and industrial applications while X86 ends up taking a large chunk of the mid and high range.

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