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Comment: Re:Rubbish... (Score 3, Funny) 114

by Arthur Grumbine (#30409266) Attached to: Is Earth's Atmosphere an Import?
Did the atmosphere rape and murder a girl in 1990? There are witnesses to the fact that the atmosphere was at the location of multiple rapes and murders in 1990. While the rapes and murders were happening!! At the very least the atmosphere should be charged as an accomplice, as crime scene investigators have conclusively demonstrated that the alleged rapists and murderers in the majority of the cases would have been unable to perform the heinous deed if the atmosphere.had not been present.

Who is going to take responsibility for answering our questions? The atmosphere has remained eerily quiet in the face of such bold questions! We must demand answers!

Comment: Mindstorms!?@ Where have I been... (Score 1) 368

by beernutmark (#30409220) Attached to: Science Gifts For Kids?

Those Lego Mindstorms NXT's are totally awesome! I spent some time googling them and am blown away at what can be done with them.

I think that my kids might be ready for them but will probably take the approach of getting them for myself and "letting" them play with it. If their interest grows then we can expand it.

Comment: Re:Age and quality. (Score 1) 443

by AbRASiON (#30408934) Attached to: Slashdot Turns 100,000

It seems quite good here and I frequently have to defend slashdot on other sites, purely because of the Microsoft hate here (which in my opinion has significantly weakened over the last 10 years)
I will say one thing about the comments here and that's that a contrary position is not shunned completely and mod'd down, Digg comments are absolutely and utterly horrible, to be blunt they are effectively a clusterfuck of circle jerk madness - if you're not part of 'them' you're the enemy and be prepared to be mod'd down - heavily, gave up 3 times with Digg and the last time was the final time, not interested (and don't even use the site anymore)

To make my point though, I could have said how terrible slashdots comments and users are, contrary to your claim but as long as I wrote it out fairly well, I'd still be moderated relatively well

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