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Comment: Re:Absolutely correct (Score 1) 1093

by kahei (#25988135) Attached to: Prescription Handguns For the Elderly and Disabled

But... lots of people show disrespect for Internet Tough Guys. I, for example, feel and show no respect toward you. Indeed I am actively dissing you, if I may use that word -- sneering at you, and doing it through the base and scurrilous medium of the Internet to boot. As an ITG, this must happen to you often.

Does that mean you get to shoot me?

Right. So the 'respect' thing is really of questionable relevance. Also, you smell and your tie looks stupid.

Comment: Re:Walmart worker trampled to death by customers (Score 1) 517

by kahei (#25973833) Attached to: On Black Friday I...

People who worry about clothing going 'out of style' in two years are probably also less discerning when it comes to the quality that would make clothing last for more than two years.

Wal-mart is selling to people who combine these two features -- people who will put up with cheap crap but are very attentive to 'fashion' (in the Wal-mart sense!) trends.

I must admit I hadn't thought this demographic had much of a voice on Slashdot but I guess I was mistaken :)


+ - Who invented the GUI?

Submitted by
athloi writes "To amuse co-workers, I found some screenshots of early versions of Windows, but they came with a surprise. I didn't remember that Windows began development in 1981, inspired by the Xerox Star project. That's before Lisa, Mac, Atari, Amiga, et al but not before the early graphical interfaces Apple II and Commodore programmers added to their war-dialers, compression algorithms and copy protection obliterators. I find myself reaching the frightening conclusion that M$ has been in this game since day one. Is anyone else unsettled by this?"

+ - Mechanical control of chemical reactions

Submitted by
nanotrends writes "Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have found a novel way to manipulate matter and drive chemical reactions along a desired direction. The new technique utilizes mechanical force to alter the course of chemical reactions and yield products not obtainable through conventional conditions.
This provides more clear evidence that the concept of site specific chemistry using mechanical placement of molecules is viable. This concept is the basis of molecular nanotechnology. This may become part of a bootstrapping pathway. It disproves those who have said mechanical force could not be used to control chemistry."
The Courts

RIAA Balks At Complying With Document Order 166

Posted by kdawson
from the show-me-the-money dept.
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "When the RIAA was ordered to turn over its attorneys' billing records to the defendant's lawyer in Capitol v. Foster, there was speculation that they would never comply with the order. As it turns out they have indeed balked at compliance, saying that they are preparing a motion for a protective order seeking confidentiality (something they could have asked for, but didn't, in their opposition papers to the initial motion). Having none of that, Ms. Foster's lawyer has now made a motion to compel their compliance with the Court's March 15th order."

No amount of careful planning will ever replace dumb luck.