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Comment: Re:Classic VS Quantum (Score 1) 291

by kafros (#28092923) Attached to: Towards Artificial Consciousness
I guess you have evidence that the process is classical and you do not use Occam's Razor on that.

We don't have *evidence* for either. Classical model is simpler to use than the QM one, but it does not mean it will yield the
right results. Why do you obsess with free will btw? You can have free will in either system. If the brain is working on a
macro(classical) way, the inputs the drive it (everything surrounding us) are not. So how could a thought/action be deterministic?

Comment: Re:Classic VS Quantum (Score 1) 291

by kafros (#28092277) Attached to: Towards Artificial Consciousness
You are incorrectly deducing that QM is for "the little things" only. Try reading Schrödinger's cat thought experiment in order to
see how a change at the atomic level can change the state of a very large system (a cat).
The fact is: we do not (yet) now if neurons are correctly modeled using a classical theory. Free will and the rest of what you
wrote are irrelevant to this very specific fact.

Comment: Classic VS Quantum (Score 1) 291

by kafros (#28081703) Attached to: Towards Artificial Consciousness
AI as the one described in the article is deterministic. Are we sure that intelligence as we know it does not depend, at the lowest
level, on quantum mechanics?
Do we alter the function of a neuron if we attach a measuring device on it (do we change its state during the measurement, that
affects the output in a significant way)?

Comment: Why so late? (Score 1) 75

by kafros (#27989249) Attached to: <em>Left 4 Dead</em> SDK Beta Released
I expect from high profile game companies (like Valve) to give map making tools of the box for FPS games
Also automatic downloading of a map in case you don't have it should be a must have

P.S. I am an Unreal Tournament player (UT99 and Ut2004). I am used to NOT having to download anything when connecting to a server that has the craziest mutator on the strangest map ever :-)

Comment: Re:Shoot the developers (Score 1) 159

by kafros (#27155255) Attached to: Refactoring SQL Applications
I will assume that you are joking
Your database is only queried? No insert/update/delete? If yes who does these? Ah developers :-)

Database model design is not the only source of problems. A table locking where you should not lock
(everything) can bring a good designed system to it knees

As for the map example on my previous post, imagine a Java TreeMap, or a .NET Dictionary
implemented as a two column temporary table to be dropped after use - yeah some of my previous
colleagues did these things :-(

Comment: Shoot the developers (Score 2, Interesting) 159

by kafros (#27154687) Attached to: Refactoring SQL Applications
I am a developer, and my experience has shown that if you use one of: Oracle, SQLServer,
PostgreSQL, DB2 and application performance is poor, 99% of the time it is poor design from our
(developer's) side.

Developers without good understanding of Relational Databases and SQL often produce problems that
cannot be solved by indexes, or throwing transistors at them.

It is so nice to see a "custom" made map implemented in the database using temporary tables instead of
using the language's built-in map functionality :-)
sorting arrays using the database gets extra points (no kidding, I have seen this!)
Data Storage

Why Not To Shout At Your Disk Array 125

Posted by timothy
from the that's-what-your-subordinates-are-for dept.
Brendan Gregg of Sun's Fishworks lab has an interesting video demo up at YouTube demonstrating just how bad vibes, if expressed with sufficient volume in front of a rack full of disks, can cause a spike in disk latency. White noise, evidently, doesn't do them much harm. (Maybe they just feel awkward to get yelled at on camera.)

+ - Safe Nuclear Power Plants.

Submitted by kafros
kafros (896657) writes "Greece is going through a media turmoil on the subject of nuclear power plants. Government (conservative party) does not dare to touch the subject, and the opposition parties flame anyone that raises the question. Arguments against are: earthquake activity, nuclear waste disposal, mechanical failures/human errors leading to accidents, and terrorism. Question is: can we build safe reactors, how much do they cost more (if they do), and who builds them at the moment? Can someone working in a nuclear plant comment (if it is allowed by contract) on the procedures followed for the above problems?"

"Call immediately. Time is running out. We both need to do something monstrous before we die." -- Message from Ralph Steadman to Hunter Thompson