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Comment: Re:It's a bad sign (Score 1) 223

by kaatochacha (#47891307) Attached to: U.S. Threatened Massive Fine To Force Yahoo To Release Data

I eventually grew tired of debating the whole "but does it even matter". Eventually, I simply decided to do/vote whatever I think is right. Do the correct and moral thing based on my beliefs. In the long run, it may not change anything. But I've stayed true to myself, and hopefully if enough people do that, things may change.

Comment: Re:Parole? (Score 1) 258

by kaatochacha (#47874561) Attached to: Using Wearable Tech To Track Gun Use

My solution:
Determine the average person's earnings over their lifetime.
Take the white collar criminal's stolen earnings and compare them to the this. If they exceed it, then they have effectively stolen the equivalent of a lifetime's work. Thus, they need to pay it back, with their own life.

So, if the average person working over their life earns ( I'm making this up, I don't know what it is) 2 million dollars and the Bernie Madoff wannabe embezzled more than that, then it's a death sentence.

Comment: I really hate... (Score 1) 362

I really hate how people, fantastically successful at one task/job, suddenly decide they're superior and all-knowing in all areas.
"Oh yes, I made billions making and selling on operating system. So naturally I'm a genius in history education"
"Oh yes, I was a big hit modelling naked and being on a talk show, so naturally I can pontificate on how immunizations cause autism"
"Oh yes, I'm a big star of screen and film, and they pay me millions to act. So naturally, my political views are unimpeachable"

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by kaatochacha (#47838147) Attached to: Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture

In the end, correct representations of women in gaming will probably require women writing/authoring/controlling the game production.
I'm curious what a rah rah super macho action game would be like made entirely by women with no male input. I'm sure it would be equally stupid. Or, alternately, very funny.

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