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by kaatochacha (#47379963) Attached to: Cybercrooks May Have Stolen Billions Using Brazilian "Boletos"

There are illegal companies that do exactly this. They send formal looking bills for vague services to large companies, usually in smallish amounts.
Often, the person receiving the bill, rather than research why "XYZ Consulting" is charging a $22.45 fee for consulting services, will just pay them.
If only one out of ten gets paid, they're still ahead.

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by kaatochacha (#47377531) Attached to: Site of 1976 "Atomic Man" Accident To Be Cleaned

Were you beaten by a Christian as a kid? I bet you're fun at parties.
You know what? I don't believe what Mormon's believe. However hey're nice, kind, generally thoughtful. Why would I actively disparage them? I KNOW what I know and what they think. Why make it a fighting point? But I'd rather sit around with a bunch of Mormon's discussing religion than half the people trumpeting self-important "I'm right, you're wrong, fool." statements.

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by kaatochacha (#47334755) Attached to: Barnes & Noble To Spin Off Nook Media, Will Take It Public

Oddly enough, were they dead tree books, you wouldn't even have been bothered by the whole thing.
I can get paper books from my local library for .50-$1.00. Searching by specific authors is difficult, but on a sidenote I often find other things to read.
The technology is selling us supposed convenience at the cost of control and access.

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I was in my states "gifted" education classes in elementary school, around grade 5. I can still remember sitting in there at one the special projects, dissecting a small shark, and looking over at the three idiots at the next table. They had cut off the head of their shark, and were making it eat it's own organs and laughing hysterically. I remember feeling certifiably that I was NOT in the gifted class.

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You won't know it til you see it. If you ever happen to get into one of those place, you'll magically find you enjoy coming into work every day.
Until you hit that ( and you may not) it's hard to describe.
BTW: I'm NOT in that situation, was a few years back, didn't realize it.

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I mainly wear watches because:

With wristwatch: I wonder what time it is? (glance at wrist). Total time, less than two seconds. I can also do it in meetings without anyone noticing.
Without wristwatch : I wonder what time it is? ( look around room, no clock available, dig in pocket, shit, I've got my cell phone in there somewhere, but my keys are in the other pocket crammed with stuff, why won't this damn giganto phone come out of the pocket, what the hell am I carrying aroun....ah, my eyedrops are stuck now!). Total time, five seconds and a load of annoyance at all the stuff I've jammed into my pockets, possibly dropping my phone in the process. I guess I COULD wear my phone on a batman style utility belt, but if wearing a wristwatch is silly, a phone case on my belt is absolutely super-dork.

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