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Comment Re: All would be resolved if we could all lay cabl (Score 1) 164

... we're talking about laying cable in a conduit... what exactly are you presuming to hold out as a problem. Flammability? Who is laying flammable cable? Whatever... the point is that maintaining the conduit and providing access to anyone on an equal basis would be an improvement over the existing system as well as be a reasonable thing the government could do without causing them to bounce off their own peter threshold.

Comment Re:All would be resolved if we could all lay cable (Score 1) 164

Typically they're required to offer service for the entire city as a condition of providing service to any portion of the city.

The list of conditions is variable and often graft is a component.

As to this question about whether anyone has applied... this is a silly question. You're saying no one in these cities would attempt to offer service at any part of the city? Really?

Regardless, I can link you to Google and Centurylink complaining about franchise license lockout. Its well known amongst anyone paying attention.

As to evidence... being a veteran of internet discussions which are basically nailing jello to the wall... I would like you to commit to a win condition. Provide me with something you would accept as a win for me. I mean a win. Done. Tell me what that is and I'll bother to go get the info. Short of that... I'll be concerned that you're just f'ing with me to waste my time and will just endlessly goalpost move.

Comment Re: All would be resolved if we could all lay cabl (Score 1) 164

... so you're saying there isn't enough capitalism? I would agree... your wording sounded like you were blaming capitalism for dumb things the government does.

If you're saying the issue is that the free market is not being permitted to address the situation by allowing competing interests to force a reasonable product quality standard at a competitive price... then I agree.

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 287

I know it is a good thing but you do anyway. You use the fact that I have a record against me while of course be shielded from counter claims against your own record because you are a coward.

No ad hominem from you will be accepted. We're going to skip over any other reference to me or you because neither is relevant to the discussion. And even if they were, you are personally unable to make any argument of that nature being an AC. End of story. ... reading through your post to see if you have anything to say that isn't an ad hominem... nothing.

Your post is null. Try again.

Comment Re:All would be resolved if we could all lay cable (Score 1) 164

not when the license is not generally offered to anyone on reasonable terms.

Lets say I say anyone can do a thing... they just need a license... and then I make a point of never issuing such licenses to anyone except two companies under any circumstances.

That's a de facto ban.

De jure you can make any claim you want but it won't be intellectually honest in the face of a de facto ban.

Look guys... we can jerk each other off until our eyes melt... but at the end of the day the reality is the reality is the reality. And we can either get real here or all we're doing is jerking each other off.

The de facto reality is that only a few large companies are ever issued these licenses and acquiring these licenses is unreasonable for anyone else.

Even google is having a hard time obtaining these licenses on places where the duopolies are strong. That should give you an idea of how fucking stupidly impossible it is for anyone to get a foot in the door when multi billion dollar corporations are saying that they can't even fucking bribe their way in most of the time for a reasonable fee.

I was reading a long complaint from Centurylink that cox/time warner are blocking them from service provision in some areas.

I've had this argument a million times on this board and it always boils down to some fool that will reflexively make any fucking stupid argument he can think of to defend the status quo. It is not credible.

Comment Re: We are returning to the dark ages. (Score 1) 88

We are descending into a dark age. We have a culture of death, where we've replaced reproduction with immigration. This has been true for decades, and is becoming more pronounced with the passage of time. We have too many elderly, and our women are facing ever increasing pressure to choose service over family, creating a spiral effect. We will reach a point where we don't have the numbers to keep the infrastructure going. Our modern technological society relies on myriad resources being available, and as those resources become unavailable, all the knowledge in the world won't matter. Once we're unable to implement our discoveries and designs, people will forget them.

As we became more advanced, our creations became more delicate. The more delicate they are, the quicker archeological evidence of them deteriorates. There is no reason to believe this hasn't happened before.

ISIS are standing in opposition to this pattern, but I doubt they will be effective enough to prevent it. I'd say a dark age is pretty much guaranteed.

Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 1) 69

Really? Every single person makes judgements by personality traits alone (or at least primarily?)

I certainly don't. Such considerations aren't just pointless, they are wrong. Considering how politics is going, you can see the skillful liar and charmer scamming millions of people because he had a "better personality" than a better man, who wasn't quite as charming. So we miss out on someone who might be a good person in favor of a charming sociopath. All because of "personality".

How is that working out?

Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 2) 69

People who view others simply by personality traits are missing out. Yeah, so the guy talks like an arrogant twat, is he wrong?

You see, your attacking him on something completely irrelevant, simply because it is easier than to actually discuss the merits of what he was saying.

Keep in mind, he may be brilliant or he may be a complete loon, I am not judging either here, just your rebuttal, which amounts to "Big Fat Ugly ... do not like", which actually makes you exactly who hate the most, an arrogant twat. ;)

Comment Re:$40K still a lot for most folks (Score 1) 37

The difference is what can be done about it.

If the market decides that it's not important for people to have this, then the only way to change that is for the people who need it to somehow become rich. If the regulators decide people shouldn't have this, then the voters can change that. And if you factor in the increased independence and productivity of the recipients, it might not cost that much.

Of course the way we do it now is we force employers to make accommodations. That's better than nothing, but statistically the public is still paying; the burden is just randomly concentrated on a few unlucky employers.

Comment Re:All would be resolved if we could all lay cable (Score 1) 164

"The cable companies rape us and the socialists salivate at the chance of nationalizing things because a monopolized market has been created where no one is allowed to compete."

That is what I said. Now... I never said nor implied congress. I can show bills if you want. But I won't permit you to strawman my position by redefining my words as other than they were.

If you accept that you have no power to change my argument then I can move on. If you refuse to accept that then we really can't go anywhere because I will not tolerate a strawman.

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